What Makes A Website: The Good, The Fast, and The Cheap

Now it’s time to give you something straight… no chaser!  It’s about the quality and cost of a good and functional website, and you may or may not like it… but you need to know it, and you definitely need to know it before you hire a website designer/developer.  You want your website to be good.  You want it fast and you want it cheap.  Here’s the thing… you can only have two.  Having all three is impossible in this realm of existence.
Here’s an awesome little illustration that clearly illustrates how having the divine trifecta is a pipe dream.  Yes, it says graphic design but the concept applies to your website as well.

But let’s break it down just a bit further, shall we?
First of all you have to define the “Good.”  Good in website terms would basically be having an attractive and fully optimized website that does everything you’ve envisioned.  Based upon that vision, you’ve got to determine how your schedule and budget fit into it.

Good and Fast will not be Cheap – To get the website of your dreams in a hurry, will mean that you hire quality designers that can drop everything they are doing to get you on the web, for a nice fee that will allow them to do so.  What you want and how quickly you need it will determine the price, and “expensive” is relative.  But know this, you will get what you pay for… in a good way.

Good and Cheap will not be Fast – Again, you will hire quality designers who will work within your budget but you will be threaded in with the other demanding clients.  Not saying you’ll have to wait a long time or that your project will not be a priority, but the price will not allow them push you to VIP status.

Fast and Cheap will not be Good – Based upon the first two explanations, I think you can deduce that going this route will be a case of “you get what you pay for”… but not in a good way.  It won’t be awful, but it won’t ideally be what you wanted for your website or business.

It’s your call. Is effectiveness important? or efficiency? Cost or quality? It’s good to be aware of your objectives and the time and dollar cost required to make those objectives happen.

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