Why You Should Build Your Own Website Instead of Using Someone Else’s Designs and Features

Why You Should Build Your Own Website Instead of Using Someone Else’s Designs and Features

Website building tools give everyone the ability to design a fully functional website for business and personal purposes. But when you’re a business looking to grow and increase profits, having a customized website can directly affect your bottom line. Do-it-yourself (DIY) website building tools may save money and time. But they have their limitations.

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How to Build a Website That Does the Selling For You

Selling in today’s online marketplace is harder than ever. The growing number of tools and strategies that help businesses reach their target audiences makes it hard to find what works. The needs and behaviors of consumers are constantly evolving, keeping businesses on a never-ending search for marketing strategies that bring consistent returns. Building a website that actually sells gives you better results at lower marketing costs.

You’ve Built a Website…Now What? The Importance of Website Management

There are many areas to consider when managing your website. Your site’s content, security, and performance are the essential components needed to market your law firm online. You can develop strategies to publish and share new content, which drives traffic to your site each time you update it and builds more visibility for your brand. In addition, sharing content through various distribution channels maximizes that traffic.

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Grow Your Law Firm’s Reach by Creating an Omni-Channel Experience

Achieving visibility for your law firm is essential to its long-term success both online and offline. Today’s law firms have a seemingly endless number of options for marketing their services. Marketing channels such as websites, email, social media, live-streaming, and wearable technology have made it difficult for some law firms to determine which options are best for their needs. 

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The Essential Pages That Your Business Website Should Have

Website design consists of many factors that work together to create an engaging site that meets your business objectives. Businesses invest time and other resources into the look and functionality of their websites. But many overlook the content that needs to be included in order to maximize the user experience. The pages of your website serve unique functions that guide visitors towards the solutions they need.

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The Obstacles You’ll Need to Overcome When Launching a New Website

Launching your new website is a pivotal point in your business journey. In order to succeed online, your website must play many different roles within your marketing strategy. There are business goals, user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and design factors that must be carefully considered. Failing to address these in the early stages leads to unwanted and costly issues down the line.

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How Your Website Impacts Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’ve struggled to get results from your website, you may be considering a complete site redesign. If you’re just starting out, you might not be sure how to create a website design that contributes to your business goals. Your website has a direct impact on your digital marketing strategy. Understanding the factors that lead to online success (or failure) gives you the tools you need to maximize the return on your website design investment.

The Social Media Mindset’s Effect on Marketing

By now, it’s pretty evident that social media is not going anywhere any time soon and it is essential that you incorporate it into your marketing strategy.  We strive to bring you awesome information to help you stay on the cutting-edge and ahead of the game with your tactics.  We recently ran across this interesting infographic from our friends at Hubspot  (by way of LinkedIn) about how the mindset of the social media user can have an impact on how they are marketed to.