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Why You Should Build Your Own Website Instead of Using Someone Else’s Designs and Features

Why You Should Build Your Own Website Instead of Using Someone Else’s Designs and Features

Website building tools give everyone the ability to design a fully functional website for business and personal purposes. But when you’re a business looking to grow and increase profits, having a customized website can directly affect your bottom line.
Do-it-yourself (DIY) website building tools may save money and time. But they have their limitations. Bugs and limited features prevent you from getting the most out of your website’s design.
These and other design issues can keep your website from increasing your brand’s visibility and selling your products or services.

Start With the Purpose of Your Website

Websites play a critical role in any marketing strategy. A large part of your marketing budget will have to go towards developing a website that accommodates your customer’s needs while delivering a return on your investment (ROI).
When you create your own website, you design it according to your business goals, and every line of code has a purpose behind it. Website building tools give you unnecessary data that gets in the way of your site’s unique design.
Your website should create an optimal user experience. Pages need to load quickly and you need to understand how data requests between servers impact performance to avoid issues down the line.
When you identify the goals of your website, you find new ways to improve it and enhance the experience it offers to your customers. 

Make Your Website’s Design Part of Your Brand

Your brand is built on the expectations of you and the customers you serve. Creating your own website instead of using a DIY building tool gives your business an online asset that’s based on its unique brand.
A customized website design reflects your company’s core values, mission, and inspiration. It’s born out of your vision and the functions that deliver a better experience for your customers.
Creating a website from scratch lets you design from a place of higher-level thinking so you accomplish more while using fewer limited resources. The code behind your website will be unique to you and your business needs.

Optimizing Your Website

Website bugs can be costly. When your site is down or pages load slowly, you lose money on paid traffic and experience higher bounce rates among other issues. Identifying bugs in your website is challenging when it’s built on a third-party platform.
Creating your own website makes your business familiar with its structure, which makes it easier to uncover errors and design glitches. DIY website builders have excess code you have to go through to find the cause of performance issues.
A customized website is easy to optimize according to your needs. This makes managing and improving it more efficient over time.

The Flexibility to Do Something New

The technology that fuels today’s websites is always evolving. Having your own website design makes it easy for you to implement and test new tools to see what works.
Experimenting with new technologies keeps your business ahead of the curve while innovating how you deliver value to prospects and customers.
The flexibility you gain from having your own custom-built website lets you make changes with minimal or no additional costs, reducing your marketing spending and increasing your ROI.
Popular third-party website builders may save time and money in the short run, but they may be limited in their customization options and your ability to have full ownership and control over your site.
Your own custom website design gives you full customization abilities, ownership of your site’s design, and the tools you need to market your business and succeed in your industry.
Is your business website built on someone else’s platform? Are you struggling to customize your site to improve its performance for you and your customers? Let us know in the comments below.
Creating your own website lets you build around your unique vision and business goals. It gives you a more efficient way to establish a profitable online presence while better serving your customers and achieving lasting growth.

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