How to Design a Holiday Themed Website That Isn’t Tacky or Cliche

How to Design a Holiday Themed Website That Isn’t Tacky or Cliche

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to modern website design, this rule of thumb certainly holds true. When it comes to holiday-themed web design, it’s doubly true. As Christmastime approaches, you may be tempted to coat your homepage in red and green and sprinkle your blog with snowflakes, but you should refrain. It’s cliche and it’s not you. Your company is smart, innovative, and original.
Shouldn’t your website reflect that?
Here are a few ways to show off your holiday spirit through subtle web development and design changes.

  1. A cool color scheme Sure, red is a traditional Christmas color, but if you want a website design that lasts the entire holiday season, you should go with something more winter themed. Choose a color scheme that represents the entire season; go with cool colors as opposed to warmer ones. Cooler tones include blues, purples, and greens. Gold and silver are also great color choices that work for every winter holiday.
  2. Ornate typography Typography can be tricky because you never want to use more than two different fonts on one web page. However, an ornate style of lettering with classic lines and a more traditional look can give your page a festive feel. Use these fonts sparingly, however. Consider a typeface like “Christmas Card” or “Blessed Day” for headers or titles, but keep the body text in a more readable font like Helvetica.
  3. Images of winter Drum up a little nostalgia and winter wonder with some beautiful photographs of snowflakes falling in the woods, sleighs in the snow, kids in warm winter hats, or twinkling lights on evergreen trees. Instead of focusing on one particular holiday, capture the beauty of the entire season. If yours is an e-commerce website, consider images of wrapped gifts with big bows.

According to researchers from Stanford University, 75% of Internet users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. So, what kind of message does your site send? Are you unique and professional or common and cliche?
If you plan on giving your website a little holiday flair, make sure you hire an experienced website design company for all of your custom web development needs.

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