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Business Process Management

Our goal at Code Conspirators is to predictably and efficiently generate new leads for our marketing clients. Based on the volume and scope of work projected in the future, the most cost effective approach is a retainer agreement.

Businesses grow over time. And as you grow, teams and functions are slowly added. Before you realize it, your business operates with various systems and tools individually designed to be efficient. But they don’t work together, causing your teams’ silo chaos.

We’ll work to establish, improve, and systemize best practices into your processes, and integrate into the BPM system. We’ll train your team to optimally use the system, automating what can be automated, and streamlining the rest.

The ROI? Everyone having access to what they need in order to do their job.


CRM, ERP, API, and a whole swath of other acronyms. We integrate your business systems so your data stays in sync.


Triggers, Actions, and Workflow Sequences keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, without the headache of management.


Securely maintain your business data in one place, across departments, across platforms, even across organizations.


When a Zap won’t meet your organizational needs, integrate and automate your systems and data to increase margin.

Your Company,

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