The Conception

of Code Conspirators

Code Conspirators was conceived when a web design and development company fell in love with a digital content marketing company, or it least the owners did. Combining core competencies to create a more comprehensive agency, Rob and Heather Riggs co-founded the company in 2019 after accumulating nearly thirty years of collective experience in the industry. Our talented and diverse Conspirators understand that websites, digital marketing, and process management can conspire together, just like they do, for business success.

Conspirator's Continuum

Through a combination of collaboration with our clients and the convergence of our own competencies, Code Conspirators has created a continuum to constitute our project process. No matter how you work with us, you can expect to experience these steps:

01. Define

We work with your team to help tighten scope around your project. This helps to ensure we’ve identified all the requirements, and that you understand all the implications of your requests.


  • Development Plan
  • Branding Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Information Architecture
  • Tool Selection

02. Describe

We collaborate on the best way to position your message in a way that communicates your brand’s value and boosts sales. This work also covers sitemap and content development and migration.


  • Foundational Content
  • Dynamic Content
  • Navigation and Sitemap
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Migration

03. Design

We design to ensure the User Experience to support your organization’s objectives, and to be compliant with best practices for today and the foreseeable future.


  • Graphic Design
    (Wireframes, 2 Design concepts with 2 Rounds of Revisions, then Design for remaining page layouts)
  • HTML/CSS for Responsive
  • CMS Integration
  • Testing and Revisions

04. Develop

We build the approved designs into the Content Management System and develop any custom functions, integrations or automation as needed.


  • Integrate Designs and Content into CMS
  • Front End and Back End
  • Functional Integration
  • Internal QA
  • Testing across Browsers and Devices

05. Deploy

We perform internal quality checks to ensure the product meets specifications, optimize for page load speed, provide training, and launch or assist with launch to ensure a smooth deployment.


  • Content Migration
  • Security Certificate (SSL)
  • CMS Training and Documentation
  • Website Launch


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