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How Law Firms Can Write Advertising Copy That Sells

How Law Firms Can Write Advertising Copy That Sells

Advertising your legal services requires the elements that work together to reach the right audience and compel them to say “Yes” to your services.

The images, color schemes, and layouts of ads are important factors to consider. But your ad’s copy, the words that speak to your audience, is what achieves the conversions needed for higher returns on your advertising investment.

Start With and Stay Focused on Your Keywords

Your target keywords are fundamental to the success of your advertising copy. Keywords help law firms make the most out of their ads by ensuring that their messages resonate with users who will purchase their legal services.

Keeping your ad copy focused on target keywords prevents the use of generic messages that fail attract new prospects.

Create a list of keywords and use them in your ad copy. Use your analytics to measure the results of these ads so that you can further narrow down the list to those keywords that achieve the best results.

Writing Copy that Sells

Copywriting is one of the most important skills that business owners can have. Often referred to as “salesmanship in print”, copywriting is the only way to convert online users into paying customers.

So knowing how to write clear and compelling copy gives you the most out of your online advertising. Your ad copy must attract attention and then turn that attention into interest in your legal services.

Your marketing team must understand how to use headlines, subheaders, taglines, calls to action, and other copywriting elements.

Advertising copy must say more with less, and offers or specific discounts should be clearly emphasized in your ad copy.

Consider the ads of your competitors to ensure that your offer is unique and more valuable in the eyes of your target audience.

The use of testimonials and media mentions in advertisements establish credibility, which fosters the trust needed for prospects to choose your services over those of your competitors.

Speak to One Person the Right Way

Many law firms use ad copy that speaks to a large group. But directing your copy to one person can lead to better results. This approach influences the language, tone, and voice that your ad creates.

Your ad must speak to each individual prospect in the same way that you would if you were meeting someone in person.

Avoid overly technical or dense language. Although you might be tempted to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your ads, you may turn people off if you don’t speak in a clear and concise way.

There are no hard rules for copy length. But you must understand your audience and your offer to determine how long your copy should be.

Ad copy must be centered on the needs of the clients rather than those of your practice. Consider what questions your prospects have. What pain points are they needing to address the most?

Your ad copy must minimize information about your practice while maximizing the language that speaks to the needs of your audience.

Understanding how to craft the right ad copy leads to better results from your marketing campaigns. Over time, you optimize your branding message and reduce the cost of future campaigns.

What copywriting tips have helped your law firm obtain new clients? Are you struggling with creating the right messages for your ad campaigns? Include your questions in the comments below.

Effective ads can only result from the right copy. Your brand’s message must capture the attention of your target audience so that you achieve consistent and lasting success.


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