Unique Paths to Purchase based on Buyer Persona

We frequently talk about Customer Journeys, and how to mass-personalize content to speak to a specific prospect about solutions to their specific needs, along their path to purchase.

Google’s latest content on the topic demonstrates how the path to purchase varies based on a wide array of factors.

Most notable stats:

84% of Americans are shopping for something in any given 48-hour period.
63% of shopping occasions begin online.

Is it better to use Custom or Off-The-Shelf Software?

When you need your website to do stuff (i.e., enhanced functionality), should you use a plugin? or should you build it custom? or even a hybrid? There are benefits of using a plugin: offloading expense and responsibility for staying up to date, for one. But many of our clients don’t fit within the box. Their needs are so specific that an off-the-shelf plugin won’t get the exact function, the exact integration, the exact function they need for their specific business.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships With Website Design and Online Marketing Strategies

How to Strengthen Your Customer Relationships With Website Design and Online Marketing Strategies

The relationships you have with your customers are the foundation for long-term industry success. Customer relationships lead to increased loyalty and trust in your brand. There are countless ways to create and nurture customer relationships in today’s online marketplace. But your website is one of the most powerful ways to connect and engage with your customers.

Website Accessibility and Design for Users With Disabilities

The growing number of online users with disabilities makes the right website design even more critical to your marketing strategy. Websites that aren’t accessible to disabled users keep businesses from reaching large parts of their target audience. The following helps you design a website that meets the needs of users while creating a brand experience that supports your long-term success.

4 Keys to Designing a Winning Business Logo

Your logo is a central component of your marketing strategy. It creates the first impression consumers attach to your brand, making a decisive impact on whether customers decide to investigate you or ignore you. It positions your marketing message in the eyes of your target audience, helping determine how buyers perceive your brand. Ideally, it should make your brand memorable so that customers think of you instead of your competitors when they’re getting ready to buy.

You’ve Built a Website…Now What? The Importance of Website Management

There are many areas to consider when managing your website. Your site’s content, security, and performance are the essential components needed to market your law firm online. You can develop strategies to publish and share new content, which drives traffic to your site each time you update it and builds more visibility for your brand. In addition, sharing content through various distribution channels maximizes that traffic.