Demand Generation: Creating More Demand for Your Legal Services

Building awareness of your law firm may drive traffic to your website and improve your lead generation efforts. But creating demand for your legal services requires a more targeted approach that can multiply your overall results. Demand generation should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Growing the demand for your services is what leads to lasting relationships with current and prospective clients.

How Case Studies Build the Credibility and Trust Law Firms Need to Grow Their Client Base

Marketing your law firm’s legal services is an ongoing task. Along with a changing marketplace, the ways in which today’s businesses reach their audiences are evolving. Law firms have unique needs that must be considered in order to generate new clients. But lawyers don’t have to go it alone in order to get lasting results from their marketing campaigns.

Should You Send Your Newsletter by Print or Email?…Here’s What You Need to Know

Your business newsletter can be one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox. Newsletters serve many functions including lead generation, client education, and the promotion of your legal services. Newsletters can set your law firm apart from its competitors and position you as an industry leader. But how should you deliver your newsletter to your audience?

Why the Same Two Law Firms Need to Have Different Marketing Strategies

Your law firm may not be as unique as you want. There are plenty of industry competitors that offer the same services in the same practice area. But despite these similarities, no two marketing strategies can be alike. The methods by which you reach, engage with, and acquire new clients for your practice depends on many factors. Failing to understand this may prevent you from growing your client base or gaining a lead over your competitors.

Why a “Phased” Marketing Approach Might be the Right Strategy for Your Law Firm

Creating an effective marketing strategy is one of the biggest hurdles that law firms and other businesses face. It requires the consideration of your target audience, legal services, distribution platforms, and other elements. This can be overwhelming to law firms that lack all of the resources needed to implement a marketing strategy that meets all of its needs. Taking a phased approach is an ideal option for law firms looking to implement a strategy that achieves their business objectives.

How Geography Impacts the Way Your Firm Markets Itself

The location of your law firm and its target audience is an important component in your marketing strategy. Many law firms and other businesses overlook geography when determining how to best reach prospective clients. But knowing how geography impacts the way a law firm markets itself helps you understand what methods and tools will support your business goals.

How to Market a B2B Law Firm Differently Than a B2C Law Firm

Reaching your ideal client and selling your legal services are at the heart of all of your marketing activities. But not all marketing strategies are the same. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client (B2C) marketing tactics will depend on a number of factors. Understanding how to market a B2B law firm differently than a B2C law firm addresses the unique needs of your practice while providing better results from your marketing efforts.