Search Engine Optimization

CC offers search engine marketing and optimization services that take the mystery out of your internet advertising. From quick blitz campaigns to ongoing ad campaign management, we can help drive targeted traffic to your site. Notice the qualifier: ‘targeted’. It’s not enough to spew traffic onto a Web site. We help identify your target client, and through research and analysis, determine the best methods for producing the desired result.

We also look for conversion, not simply traffic. A deluge of traffic won’t help if the landing page doesn’t produce results. Split testing applied to both your ad campaigns and to your landing pages will determine the optimal input for targeted results.

Marketing without measurement is like playing Dodgeball blindfolded. Someone’s bound to catch one in the eye.

Our analysis and reporting will track which ads are effective in drawing traffic to the site, and which offers on your web site are effective in attracting customer attention. We can then determine which ad campaigns to drop, and which campaigns to sustain. This concept alone will cut advertising costs drastically, and will cause campaigns to become self-sustaining. When your ads are effective and profitable, you can spend more time satisfying customers, and less time finding them.

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