There are many factors that direct your law firm’s marketing decisions. User behavior, target audience, and branding are just a few. But today’s trends give law firms greater insight into the ways that help them reach their audiences and grow their client bases.

Trending topics and hashtags are used in social media to help users stay current with the events that matter most. Your law firm must understand how these features shape your marketing strategy in order to achieve better results and consistent growth.

Trending Topics and User Interests

Facebook’s trending topics gives you a look inside the interests that engage users on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Advertising using trending topics helps brands reach a wider audience.

The platform’s trending algorithm allows it to present news in a way that’s organic and gives users better content. Advertisers take advantage of the changing interests of users to increase engagement.

More importantly, the use of hashtags in Facebook content further influences how algorithms determine which content to provide. This means that user-generated content drives the trending topics that help you gain more traction with your marketing.

Trending topics can also be region-specific, helping local businesses tap into the conversations within their local communities.

Hashtags Create Marketing Opportunities

Hashtags gained widespread use on Twitter. They allowed users to filter their feeds based on a particular topic. This makes it easier to connect to and engage with other users who share your interests.

Hashtags make it easier to find content related to a news event. This spreads quickly and helps you reach a larger number of users.

Law firms and other businesses use hashtags to create and monitor discussions related to their area of expertise, services, or industry. They provide answers to user questions and position themselves as authorities in the legal field.

Hashtags are essential to online communication. For brands, it’s a powerful way to tap into the existing conversations that your target market is already having, and its use has extended to other social media and marketing platforms.

The Benefits of Trending Topics and Hashtags

Law firms often overlook the importance of trending topics and hashtags in generating visibility for their businesses. The proper use of these features helps you drive traffic to your website and improve your results in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Google includes hashtags in search results and highlights content that includes hashtag and feed links from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ among others. Hashtags can also be used in descriptions, bios, and comments.

More importantly, factors that include rates of engagement, link authority, and shares influence what appears in the trending topics. By focusing on these and other key metrics, you leverage your activity online to improve marketing results.

By creating and sharing content that’s informative, unique, and relevant, you improve its shareability and get a higher return on your investment.

Including calls-to-action alongside your use of hashtags and trending topics compels users to engage with your brand. Also, improving your link profile by obtaining links from authoritative users can support your online marketing efforts.

If you’re struggling to implement trending topics and hashtags successfully in your marketing campaigns, let us know what questions you have in the comments below.

Using trending topics and hashtags wisely gives you a leading edge over your industry competitors and positions you for better marketing results in the future.

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