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Television Advertising and Online Branding: What Your Law Firm Needs to Know

Television Advertising and Online Branding: What Your Law Firm Needs to Know

When it comes to selling your legal services, television still works. But many law firms and other businesses are investing more of their resources into new online marketing tools and strategies at the expense of traditional media.

This could be a mistake that costs law firms potential new clients and negatively impacts their branding efforts. Despite the shift to an online marketplace, the most successful law firms still use television advertising to enhance their online branding.

This improves their brand’s value, recognition, and credibility. It provides better lead generation and client acquisition results.

Setting Goals for Your Television Advertising

Many law firms aren’t using their television ads in ways that translate into new paying clients. This is a result of the confusion between brand advertising and direct response advertising.

The goal of brand advertising is to create more visibility for your law firm. Brand advertising works to establish your law firm’s name in the minds of prospective clients.

Direct response advertising can also improve the visibility of your brand. But it works to compel audiences to take a specific action such as visiting your website, scheduling a consultation, downloading a free guide, or signing up for your newsletter.

But traditional television ads have been designed to entertain and get brands in front of as many people as possible without any specific calls to action.

If you want to use television to support your online branding, you need to establish the goals of your ad and have a systematic way to measure its performance.

The Second Screen Trend

The term “second screen” has been used in marketing to describe how television viewers consume content with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices in their hand.

This means that television ads must now provide a way for viewers to engage with brands online.

Your television ad can promote an online offer and direct users to that offer using a designated landing page. This extends the conversation that’s created through your television ad and draws your audience further into your sales process.

Understanding the “second screen” trend helps you create ads that support your online branding and get better results from your marketing campaigns.

Television Advertising for Online Branding Results

Using direct marketing principles, you can measure the performance of your television ads using a URL or hashtag.

These direct users to your online presence and let to determine how effective your television ad is at building your brand and generating revenue for your practice.

Including a URL or hashtag on a television advertisement is becoming the standard for businesses that know the importance of connecting their television and online presence.

Using a specific URL gives you the ability to accurately measure how many viewers responded to your television ad. More importantly, it provides valuable data that makes it easy to test and optimize future ad campaigns.

Many businesses direct television viewers to their Facebook business pages. Facebook lets your law firm share valuable content in a way that can be more personable and engaging when compared to traditional website home or landing pages.

Facebook users can easily like, follow, or share your page’s content, which further increases your brand’s visibility and reach.

Your television ad can establish your brand voice more effectively than your social media pages or website content.

This makes it a powerful way to introduce prospective clients to your law firm. It builds trust among your target audience and credibility for your practice.

How has television helped you promote your legal services? What challenges have you faced in your online and offline marketing campaigns? You can let us know in the comments below.

Knowing how today’s television users consume content and creating a consistent brand experience across all channels are essential to getting the most out of your marketing strategy.

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