What Makes A Website: Consumer Purchasing Decisions Can Affect Design

If your business sells products online, you definitely want an attractive and dynamic website that shows off your wares in a way that gets customers clicking.  Knowing what influences the purchasing decisions of online consumers and incorporating those factors into your eCommerce website’s design can take them from browsing to buying.

The 4 Most Important Aspects of Any Business Website

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Did you know that 46% of people say their top criterion for assessing a company’s credibility is its website design? This is an impressive statistic that should impress upon you the importance of a professional, visually appealing website. When presenting your website to someone for the first time, you have one chance to make that first impression.

Designer vs Developer… Which One Do You Need?

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It’s easy to think so since their functions are similar but there are distinct differences. If you are about to embark on a new website project, it’s best that you know what sets one apart from the other. In essence, designers and developers are two sides of the same coin… or another way to think of them is the “left brain” and the “right brain.” Web designers (the left brain) focus on the aesthetics of a website. The look and feel, the layout, the text and images, and the color scheme.

The Obstacles You’ll Need to Overcome When Launching a New Website

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Launching your new website is a pivotal point in your business journey. In order to succeed online, your website must play many different roles within your marketing strategy. There are business goals, user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and design factors that must be carefully considered. Failing to address these in the early stages leads to unwanted and costly issues down the line.

Browser Compatibility is Essential to Today’s Website Design…Here’s Why

Browser Compatibility is Essential Website Design

Website design has faced many challenges. The release of mobile devices, the growth of social media, and the changing ways in which users connect with businesses force designers to continually adopt new strategies. Among these challenges has been the use of different browsers, which have their own specifications that cause websites to appear differently on each one.

The 5 Essential Characteristics of an Effective Landing Page

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An effective landing page is a powerful tool for optimizing your sales process, achieving a wide range of business objectives, and increasing your revenue. But there are specific elements that landing pages must have in order to provide measurable results for your business. Understanding these factors and knowing how to implement them increases the results you achieve.