The Role of Graphic Design in Web Development

Website development consists of a wide range of disciplines and strategies that work to achieve business goals. Although graphic design is an integral part of the development process, many law firms still fail to implement it properly. Understanding graphic design and its role in web development helps your law firm achieve lasting success online. It helps you reach your branding and marketing goals while making it easier to acquire new clients for your practice.

How Storage Space, Bandwidth, and Databases Affect Your Website

Your website’s performance has an impact on its ability to market your law firm’s services. User experience, navigation, content quality, loading speeds, and other factors contribute to the value it provides to users. Understanding how storage space, bandwidth, and databases affect your website gives you the resources you need to maximize its performance and achieve your law firm’s business goals.

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4 Questions Every Good Home Page Must Answer

Studies show that websites with 51 to 100 pages generate about 48% more traffic than websites with 50 pages or fewer. In other words, so-called “thin” websites will have trouble generating much traffic. However, few pages on a website are as important as the home page. As the first thing a viewer sees, the home page is essential to making a good impression — and any good website design company knows that a strong first impression is paramount to the success of a website.

Amplified: Cranking Your Content Up to 11

You’ve probably heard the mantra “content is king” and you’ve dutifully created quality articles for your audience. Despite the amount of time and effort you’ve spent crafting your content you aren’t seeing the spike in traffic that you expect. The problem is not your content per se, but its distribution. If you expect people to simply find your great content without putting in any effort in its promotion you are gravely mistaken.