5 Ways AI Will Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

Investments in artificial intelligence and its application now reach hundreds of billions a year. In 2020, investment in AI-based development grew by 40% to a record $67.9 billion, according to the AI ​​Index Report. Current statistics show that most companies and patents related to Artificial Intelligence belong to the United States. At the same time, about 63% of consumers do not even suspect that they regularly use AI-based technologies. But how does artificial intelligence optimize marketing processes in the way of the buyer? Consider some of the most popular processes used by AI systems for optimization in email marketing.

Your Social Media and Email Marketing Are More Alike Than You Think

You might think that social media has overtaken all other marketing strategies. It’s transformed the ways in which today’s law firms connect with and serve their clients. In the past, email marketing was the go-to strategy for law firms that wanted to grow their practices. It made it easy to broadcast your marketing messages to a qualified group of recipients. But social media and email aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, your social media and email marketing are more alike than you think.

The Power of an Email Blast Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are a powerful way to connect with your current and future clients. Law firms use email marketing to provide valuable information that meets the needs of recipients and builds lasting relationships. But many law firms are unaware of the value that a properly implemented email blast campaign can add to their services. When used correctly, email marketing campaigns direct more traffic to your site, educate your audience on your services, and increase your revenue over time.

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Get “Mocial” With Your Email List

Recently we’ve discussed the importance of incorporating newsletters into your marketing plans and how to make them great.  Well, great newsletters need readers, right?  But of course! If you’ve already started using newsletters to communicate with your current and potential customers, you most likely have some sort of call-to-action on your website urging new visitors to “sign up” or “join” your mailing list.

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“Socialize” Your Email Marketing

Like chocolate colliding with peanut butter, great things happen when social links meet your email newsletter!   Allowing your subscribers to share your emailed content via social sites with links within  your messaging can catapult your CTR (click though rates) through the roof!  Don’t believe me?  Why, just take a look at the spectacular infographic below!

Email Newsletters

Why Are Email Newsletters A Good Idea?

At some point in your marketing planning and research you’ve probably heard or read that sending out an email newsletter to your contacts and subscribers is a good idea.  It is  and should be incorporated into your overall strategy. At some point in your marketing planning and research you’ve probably heard or read that sending out an email newsletter to your contacts and subscribers is a good idea. 

Communicate the Benefit

(More) Ways to Increase Your Response Rates: Communicate the Benefit

Marketers know this, too. That’s why they ask their prospects plenty of questions and try to get their senses involved, as well. Have you ever received a direct mail letter that asked you to put a big “Yes” sticker on the offer letter and return it? If you returned the letter, they know there’s a good chance you are interested in the offer. The “Yes” sticker is just to get you involved.