Using a Collaborative Approach in Your Website Design

Collaborations help law firms and other businesses improve the results of their marketing and website design strategies. They make it easy to leverage the strengths of team members while ensuring that all of your business objectives are met. Designing a website requires many skills that must be integrated together to create a website that generates leads, builds your law firm’s brand, and provides additional value to current and future clients.


Get Your Next Website Right Using the Best Parts of Your Current One

Law firms and other businesses are accustomed to having to redesign their websites. As the needs and behaviors of online users change, so do the ways in which your website reaches and engages with your target audiences. But a complete design overhaul may not be the best way to improve your site’s marketing returns. In many cases, there are parts of your existing website that are working well and shouldn’t be changed.


Why Does Your Law Firm Want a Website?

Having a website may seem like a given in today’s online marketplace. But many law firms make common mistakes that lead to poor results and an inability to generate new clients. A website serves many different purposes, and deciding the functions you want it to play ensures lasting success for your practice. Understanding why you need a website is the first step to achieving the benefits that it can provide to your law firm.

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The Obstacles You’ll Need to Overcome When Launching a New Website

Launching your new website is a pivotal point in your business journey. In order to succeed online, your website must play many different roles within your marketing strategy. There are business goals, user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and design factors that must be carefully considered. Failing to address these in the early stages leads to unwanted and costly issues down the line.

Browser Compatibility is Essential Website Design

Browser Compatibility is Essential to Today’s Website Design…Here’s Why

Website design has faced many challenges. The release of mobile devices, the growth of social media, and the changing ways in which users connect with businesses force designers to continually adopt new strategies. Among these challenges has been the use of different browsers, which have their own specifications that cause websites to appear differently on each one.