To operate a successful business, you must have an online presence. It is no longer an option with today’s digital world. Thankfully, our Atlanta, Georgia, web development company is proud to offer our services to all the Metro area and beyond. Whether your business is brand new to the web, or you need a redesign to create a site that is more user friendly and responsive, we have you covered. Read on to learn more about how we can partner with you to create an amazing business website that will convey your brand’s identity, promote conversions, enhance the user experience, build your reputation and make purchasing from an eCommerce site a more intuitive, responsive experience for your customers.  

Our Most Common Website Features

When you team up with us, you will have access to all the following services:

  • A dedicated team of experts, working together to create the best business website for your company.
  • Dedicated project manager to oversee the team. 
  • Hourly backups of E-commerce sites and daily for other varieties.
  • Easy-to-navigate contact form. 
  • Photo gallery, allowing you to show the world who you are and what you do.
  • Built-in blog, which informs, educates, and entertains your site readers.  
  • Easy to add pages for quick updates to showcase specials, deals, and/or change pertinent information. 
  • Fast load time on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • A search engine friendly website. 

We Focus on Results

While having an online presence is a good first step to making your business relevant and accessible to all your customers, it is far from the end of the process. Your site needs to be focused on measurable results. Thankfully, we help you accomplish this by building mobile-responsive, creative and interactive websites that are intuitive, creating higher conversion rates, and more click-throughs. We accomplish this in a variety of ways through our custom programming and content management systems. 

Why Mobile Optimization is so Vital Today

In year’s past, websites were most often accessed via a desktop computer. While there are still some desktop visitors, the vast majority of your site visitors view your business website via a mobile device. This means mobile optimization is a must. In fact, some 88% of users consider it one of the most valuable features of a website and will often visit the business they looked upon their device within 24 hours. Therefore, your website not only has to look amazing on a desktop monitor, but it also needs to look great on any and all mobile devices. This can be tricky, but our experienced designers and developers have perfected the process. Keep the following stats in mind:

  • An astounding 61% of all users will not return to a site if they have trouble using it mobily. 
  • Some 57% of users will not even recommend a business if their website is not mobile-friendly. 

Ecommerce Development And Integrated Website Design

There are so many businesses online now trying to make a name for themselves in the eCommerce arena. You need something to make your site and your products and services stand out. That’s where our e-commerce solutions built by WooCommerce come into play. You might recognize the name as a globally respected eCommerce system that allows scalability and flexibility. This means you can use an abundance of configurations, shapes, sizes to sell a wide range of digital goods, products, affiliate goods, or even instant downloads successfully. Using this responsive website development solution and eCommerce website design that allows payments from bank transfers, PayPal, credit cards, even cash in some cases, we will create an e-commerce site that will ensure you stand out above the rest, increasing your conversion rate and growing your bottom line.   

How Fast is Your Website? Probably Not Fast Enough

Another important element to consider when developing your site is your website speed optimization. You have mere seconds to grab a site visitor’s attention and hook them into looking further into your products and/or services. If your website won’t even load after 5 seconds, they will likely move on to another company. Even a one-second delay in response time can drop your conversion rate by an astonishing 7%. This is a significant hit to the pocketbook. For example, if your eCommerce site makes around $100,000 daily, a single second delay with a 7% decline in conversion could cost you $2.5 million a year. Let us get your site up to speed so you never lose a visitor due to slow load time.  We will ensure all site visitors have user-friendly experiences with fewer bounces. 

Creating Your Brand Identity

Your website not only allows visitors to contact you or buy products, it defines you. It communicates the essence of your brand. We communicate this identity through various design features like icons, images, fonts, colors, and messaging positioning, which combine to articulate your brand’s personality.  We will effectively translate your brand’s identity on a fully-designed, immaculately formatted business website.  

Content Management

Did you know that almost 30% of all websites, including Sony Music, TechCrunch, and BBC America use WordPress content management system? That’s right, and we do too! We build your site within the WordPress system, which we feel is an open, user-friendly source that includes a devoted development community and provides frequent updates. WordPress is ideally suited for business sites and is user friendly on all sides, allowing you to create blog posts, update your content, or let us do the job for you.

Let us Customize Your Website

Professional website development gives you the option of customization. We can build your website, outside the “standard” parameters. This means if your website requires unique coding or a specialized store, phone app, or community, our WordPress and PHP programmers have you covered. Let us either help you perfect your current website or start from scratch and develop your own unique customized online presence with our many tools for optimization and custom integrations. 

How to Make Your Business Website Stand Out Among Your Competition

There are so many hundreds of thousands of business websites currently taking up web space, fighting over the same site visitors, and trying to engage the same target audience. How do we ensure your business website doesn’t get lost in the weeds of it all? Well, we make sure your website stands out by optimizing your speed, creating a unique, distinct style—no cookie-cutter site here—employing the latest in website design trends, promoting enhanced visual appeal and so much more. No matter the focus on your business, if it’s selling a service, product, experience, or expertise, we can construct a business website that will stand out among the crowd. That, we can guarantee. 

Why Hire a Professional Website Development Company?

If you have thought before about employing an Atlanta company to create, design, and manage your business website, but you still aren’t sure it’s worth it, consider the fact that without a properly functioning website, you are almost assuredly losing customers on a daily basis. Yes, consumers today still recommend businesses via word-of-mouth. However, many, many, many potential customers will look for your business online to find out more about your brand, your passion, your products, your purpose, your location, hours, other forms of contact information, your service options, and more. If they are unable to either find your site or when they do, it doesn’t load, is slow or doesn’t translate well to their mobile device, chances are they will skip right over you and go to the next business whose site is more user-friendly and mobile responsive. 

Therefore, the reason you should contact us to help you create with front-end web development and then oversee your business website is simple. You want to be applicable and accessible to any and all potential customers. In today’s business world, that means you need a responsive, fast, cleverly designed website. No ifs, and, or buts about it. However, to create such a site isn’t as easy as it might seem. It takes hours of attention to manage, even after launch. It also requires more than a passing knowledge of website design, coding, SEO, and copywriting.  It demands an experienced professional that understands the industry and can utilize that knowledge to promote and enhance your business’s online presence. Contact us today to get started on your website design and to ensure your business has an optimized web presence that will engage new customers and delight existing ones.


See examples below where a website built on a Content Management System accomplished big goals for our clients.

Start Getting Results.

We’re here to take your digital presence to the next level. Start the conversation by letting us know your objectives. We look forward to talking soon!

Robert Wilhite

Excerpt: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts, incredible generosity…

Robert Wilhite
Jackson County Brevet

Claire Berry

The team has done an incredible job, you tell the story and share the facts and needs with such warmth and heartfelt connection.  The selected pictures are “worth a thousand words”.  Thanks to each person involved.

Claire Berry
La Gonave

Heidi Rew

Heidi Rew

Rob is wonderful to work with! He is professional and personable. He’s got fabulous vision and has the talent to follow through with that vision. Highly recommend Rob and CC!

Heidi Rew
Voiceover & On Camera Talent (Hosting, Spokesperson & Acting); Part-time DJ at B98.5FM Atlanta

Kerry McKenzie

Headshot Picture of Kerry

Rob is my preferred business partner when it comes to back-end hosted design solutions. I know Rob and his staff will always take care of my client’s needs and feel confident they are providing top notch solutions. Rob and I share a few clients and I always trust his expertise and ongoing support! He and his firm are outstanding!

Kerry McKenzie

Mo Thomasos

Headshot of Mo Thomasos

Just a quick “thank you” for being such a solid partner over the past few years.  You’ve always been a great friend but I truly appreciate how your team constantly steps up for me and my clients. Can’t imagine Rogue Inc. without CC.

Mo Thomasos
Think Rogue

Nathaniel C. Propes

Headshot Picture of Nathaniel Propes

I just wanted to thank you both and your team for the wonderful job that y’all did on our website.  I have received many complements on the superb design of our site from clients and colleagues.

Nathaniel C. Propes
Capital Management Advisors

Nancy Drexler

Nancy Drexler

Rob is your all-around great guy: always a pleasure to work with; always happy to help. Even better, he truly knows his stuff. Rob and CC have been a go-to resource for me when my clients need a website or digital marketing. And he’s never let me down.

Nancy Drexler
Acquired Marketing

Paulette Rakestraw

Headshot Picture of Paulette Rakestraw

I have worked with Rob on multiple projects, and he is one of the best designers I’ve worked with. He can take an idea and run with it, and he delivers excellent results. He is very easy to work with and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. He gets the job done on time and on budget, with superior results. It was hard to choose only three attributes in working with Rob because he met all of the attributes listed.

Paulette Rakestraw
Atlanta Marketing Solutions

Steve Feagin

Kudos to you and your team. The website is clean, clear, and very modern looking. A joy to see!!

Steve Feagin

Jay Hobdy

Excerpt: Your team was very helpful by asking us questions in “English” and then translating those answers to “Google”. Every month we get a report that details all the results, and shows exactly what happened. Your team is very responsive in providing meetings that allow us to ask detailed questions, and have a better understanding of what is happening. As a young company, it is vital that we manage our marketing funds closely, and your team has allowed us to do that.

Jay Hobdy
Gotcha Surveillance

John Stein

Headshot Picture of John

Rob has the creative juice to bring home solutions small businesses really need. Few folks with such technical skill enter into the world of creativity and a flair for knowing how to best market a company over the Internet. Whether you need web dev, app dev or Internet marketing services, Rob is one to know. Integrity and compassion drive him as a person, and this is evident in how he interacts with his clients.

John Stein

Alison Caughman

Wonderful!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing us up to date with an informative and attractive website.

Alison Caughman

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