As expert web designers, our Atlanta, Georgia, web design company is proud to serve our local businesses. A business’s web design is the basis for a well-rounded marketing strategy. The following are some of the most common web design features we employ to create an engaging website:

Our Web Design Services

  • A full team of dedicated web design specialists at your disposal. 
  • Routine daily backups, with hourly backups for E-commerce sites.
  • Easy-to-use contact form.
  • Photo gallery to promote your business, service, and/or stock.
  • A built-in blog that will engage, educate, and perhaps even entertain site visitors. 
  • Easy to add pages.
  • Automatic image sizing and compression.
  • Fast load time for mobile and desktop access.
  • SEO website, ensuring the algorithms find your site. 

1.) The First Step

The first part of this process is answering the following questions. We need this information to properly analyze your business, before moving into the creative phase of the design process:

  • What Do You Want? Before determining what your business needs in terms of website design, we need to know you and your business. This step of the design process will include us examining what you want. What are some features and/or functions you want for your website? What’s your overarching goals for your website? Don’t worry, this process isn’t intrusive, we won’t interrogate you, but we need to know what you want/need to properly format your web design.
  • Do You Know Your Customers? You might think you know your customers pretty well, but most times, with some research and data analysis, we can create a more accurate picture of your target audience and/or customer. This will include looking into what type of content resonates the most with your customers.
  • Where Are You Now? Before setting goals, we need to know where you are right now. Let us investigate your current website and see where you are and then determine where you want to go.
  • Who is Your Competition?  You probably don’t enjoy thinking about your competitors. We get it. However, if you don’t research your competition, you will never know how you stack up. We will examine your strongest competitors and identify the most effective keywords and content. Then, we will formulate a design to elevate your web presence above that of your competitors. 

2.) Step Two: Let’s Get Creative

After you answer the questions listed above, we will have a better idea of how to go about designing your website and can move into the creation phase of your design, this step entails:

  • Website Sitemap: This maps all the pages of your website and creates the basic structure of the navigation around your site, ensuring it is search engine friendly.
  • Style Tile: This is a style guideline for your website. We choose colors and fonts, navigational style preference, image preference. 
  • Website Wireframe: The wireframe of your website is like the blueprints of a building, it creates a position and place for everything that will be presented on your website. 

3.) Step Three: Website Development

This step is when you can truly begin to see your website design forming, it’s when all the elements listed above come together, such as wireframes, style tiles, sitemaps. This is also when you come into the picture and get to see what your website is going to look like. This step allows you to click page from the page, using your now responsive, functional website. Please note, this step will take the longest of the design process. It is the development step where we add in infographics, custom graphics, responsive coding, icons, and page layout, and is also when we make sure your site works on all devices and is a mobile-friendly website. 

4.) Step Four: The Launch

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast Off!!! It’s time to launch your brand new website, it’s going live. This process involves the following:

  • Cross-Browser Testing: To ensure your website works as it should on all resolutions, devices, browsers, operating systems and even personalized settings, cross-browser testing is a must. We test your website out, finding any kinks or bugs that might remain.
  • Domain Mapping: Whether you are creating a brand new site, or redesigning a current website, it’s important to chart URL’s, enhancing all SEO. This is also the step in which we install applicable tracing programming, like Google Analytics. We will also then share your sitemap with the major search engines.
  • Post-Design Phase: This is the last step of the website design process. During this time, we assist with all your website maintenance and website marketing. This is part of our services programs, which you can pay for monthly or in flat rates. 

Why Website Designs Services Are so Important

Let’s face it, we live in a technologically entrenched society where digital marketing is not just beneficial but absolutely necessary. You are almost guaranteed to lose potential customers and/or sales if your business doesn’t have an online presence. Building an easy-to-navigate, informative, interactive, and engaging website is vastly important in our on-the-go society. According to reports, some 84% of consumers feel businesses with responsive websites are more credible than one without, and that is far from the only benefit. It also gives you an avenue to ascertain vital data about your customers and narrow down your target audience. In turn, this will generate leads, which will evolve into sales. 

Should You Outsource Your Website Design?

In short, yes. If you are a small or medium-sized business, you most certainly need the expertise of a professional design team to create and then oversee your business website. You are busy running your business and simply can’t devote the hours of attention to your website it needs, so let us. Share what you hope to achieve with your site, and allow us to continue to manage your website, while you keep making your business awesome! Contact us to learn more about our website design services and how we can help your business stand out among your competitors.


See examples below where a website built on a Content Management System accomplished big goals for our clients.

Start Getting Results.

We’re here to take your digital presence to the next level. Start the conversation by letting us know your objectives. We look forward to talking soon!

John Stein

Headshot Picture of John

Rob has the creative juice to bring home solutions small businesses really need. Few folks with such technical skill enter into the world of creativity and a flair for knowing how to best market a company over the Internet. Whether you need web dev, app dev or Internet marketing services, Rob is one to know. Integrity and compassion drive him as a person, and this is evident in how he interacts with his clients.

John Stein

Kerry McKenzie

Headshot Picture of Kerry

Rob is my preferred business partner when it comes to back-end hosted design solutions. I know Rob and his staff will always take care of my client’s needs and feel confident they are providing top notch solutions. Rob and I share a few clients and I always trust his expertise and ongoing support! He and his firm are outstanding!

Kerry McKenzie

Steve Feagin

Kudos to you and your team. The website is clean, clear, and very modern looking. A joy to see!!

Steve Feagin

Claire Berry

The team has done an incredible job, you tell the story and share the facts and needs with such warmth and heartfelt connection.  The selected pictures are “worth a thousand words”.  Thanks to each person involved.

Claire Berry
La Gonave

Heidi Rew

Heidi Rew

Rob is wonderful to work with! He is professional and personable. He’s got fabulous vision and has the talent to follow through with that vision. Highly recommend Rob and CC!

Heidi Rew
Voiceover & On Camera Talent (Hosting, Spokesperson & Acting); Part-time DJ at B98.5FM Atlanta

Robert Wilhite

Excerpt: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts, incredible generosity…

Robert Wilhite
Jackson County Brevet

Mo Thomasos

Headshot of Mo Thomasos

Just a quick “thank you” for being such a solid partner over the past few years.  You’ve always been a great friend but I truly appreciate how your team constantly steps up for me and my clients. Can’t imagine Rogue Inc. without CC.

Mo Thomasos
Think Rogue

Alison Caughman

Wonderful!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing us up to date with an informative and attractive website.

Alison Caughman

Nathaniel C. Propes

Headshot Picture of Nathaniel Propes

I just wanted to thank you both and your team for the wonderful job that y’all did on our website.  I have received many complements on the superb design of our site from clients and colleagues.

Nathaniel C. Propes
Capital Management Advisors

Jay Hobdy

Excerpt: Your team was very helpful by asking us questions in “English” and then translating those answers to “Google”. Every month we get a report that details all the results, and shows exactly what happened. Your team is very responsive in providing meetings that allow us to ask detailed questions, and have a better understanding of what is happening. As a young company, it is vital that we manage our marketing funds closely, and your team has allowed us to do that.

Jay Hobdy
Gotcha Surveillance

Paulette Rakestraw

Headshot Picture of Paulette Rakestraw

I have worked with Rob on multiple projects, and he is one of the best designers I’ve worked with. He can take an idea and run with it, and he delivers excellent results. He is very easy to work with and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. He gets the job done on time and on budget, with superior results. It was hard to choose only three attributes in working with Rob because he met all of the attributes listed.

Paulette Rakestraw
Atlanta Marketing Solutions

Nancy Drexler

Nancy Drexler

Rob is your all-around great guy: always a pleasure to work with; always happy to help. Even better, he truly knows his stuff. Rob and CC have been a go-to resource for me when my clients need a website or digital marketing. And he’s never let me down.

Nancy Drexler
Acquired Marketing

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