How to Secure and Scale Your Database Application

Today’s successful businesses have well-developed database applications that support all aspects of their organization.
Having a secure database that meets your needs should be a priority. More importantly, making sure that database is secure is essential to your lasting growth.
Your database contains valuable information that directs your marketing, research, and product development. Knowing how to secure and scale your database application gives you the resources you need to get the most out of your data.
The following describes some of the key best practices that you need to know to secure and scale your database.

Encrypting Your Data

Data encryption is critical to security. The majority of today’s business websites are vulnerable to security attacks that lead to costly damage from which it can be difficult to overcome.
Web applications used by your business store sensitive information related to your database. This allows them to connect to your data and perform a wide range of tasks that you need to run a successful business.
But many applications store this information in ways that can increase the chances of a security attack. For example, plain text files can be easily accessed by those who have the skills and resources to compromise your data.
All of your backup files must be encrypted to ensure security. This is a fundamental step to securing your database.

Server Security

Your servers must have the proper security measures in place to protect your database. It’s a good idea to separate your web server from your database server. Most databases are placed on the same web server as your applications during the installation process.
Although this can simplify the process, it places your data at a higher risk of an attack. If the web server is hacked at any point, the information contained in your database will also be accessible.
Having a designated database server is key. In addition, this server should be placed behind a firewall to ensure security. Sensitive data should be kept off of any shared web servers.

Use Third-Party Applications With Caution

Third-party applications provide many benefits to your business website. They’re used to add navigation features, interactive components, and other elements that may increase your site’s usability.
But when third-party applications access your database in order to function, they also present an additional security risk to your business. You should review your third-party apps to ensure that they are fully supported and provide the security you need.
These applications must also be updated regularly to guarantee database security. Ignoring update notifications and using outdated applications are two of the biggest reasons that businesses expose their data to security threats.

Scaling Your Database

The needs of your business will evolve as it grows. Scaling your database alongside your business reduces delays and unnecessary costs. Businesses must understand the strategies and tools that are available for scaling their databases.
Scaling your database requires you to consider many factors related to clustering your data and working across numerous servers. But this increases the likelihood of failure or other performance issues. It also adds to the responsibilities that must be met by your system management team.
Working with multiple servers is difficult and requires a skilled management team who can implement the scaling process without impacting the security and functionality of your database.
There are many ways to scale your database. The one you use should be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Strategies such as vertical, read, and horizontal scaling can all benefit a wide range of businesses.
Scaling your database requires you to invest time, money, and other valuable resources. So choosing your scalability strategy is a critical decision that should be made after careful consideration.
If you don’t know where to begin to increase the security and scalability of your database, let us know what questions you have in the comments below.
The importance of knowing how to secure and scale your database application cannot be stated enough. Having the right resources in place maximizes the performance of your database and supports the long-term success of your business.

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