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Hey, I’m Mark Thomas. I’m a personal injury attorney in Sandy Springs and why I originally or initially came to Code Conspirators was for help with my website. I needed a website that was going to drive drive people to my webpage and bring me some results for my personal injury practice. 

So, initially, I went to Code Conspirators for a redesign and a rebuild of my website and quite, frankly, I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend and they did a great job. The budget that I had putting together exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed which has been very effective. But not only did I need that rebuilt and not only did I need to use a website to drive more business to my law practice, I soon realized that I needed to as I needed more business from that website, not just a redesign of rebuilding the website. 

And as a result of that, I have my experience with Code Conspirators has been that not only did they redesign and rebuild the website, but they were also able to show me directly in certain ways to where I could actually bring traffic to my practice and my experience with them has been nothing short of phenomenal. 

I have in the last several months, couple of years actually since I decided to ramp up the actual social media and more of the marketing aspect of my website. I have increased my business, I would say, two or threefold. When I started, I actually did not expect much. I was very, very simple in my desires, which was hey, if I can get six or 12 cases a month, I mean, I’m sorry, a year, that’s great. I’ve been more than I’ve received more than six or 12 a year. I’m receiving probably five or six a month and it’s as a result of working with Code Conspirators, not only what they done with the website, but also what they’ve done with marketing, SEO, and the way that they’ve driven the keywords, and certain areas of the Atlanta Metropolitan, and the letter punch, Fulton Market has greatly increased the, the traffic on my website, and as a result of that, greatly increased my business, at my at my Law Office, Mark Thomas Injury Lawyer. 

So, what marketing has done for my practice, it has been incredible and I’ll give you an example. I had a Google search that was done by a family that was unfortunately injured and a very, very bad motor vehicle wreck. They contacted me as a result of finding my website through Google. And through the searches that were set up through Code Conspirators, and as a result of that, I’m helping this family and although they’ve got a long way to go, we are talking about a potential six or seven figure recovery for that family, which for us at my law firm at Mark Thomas Injury Lawyer is a very large fee. That originated as a result of Code Conspirators, specifically, as a result of what Code Conspirators has done for me with their marketing and why I would recommend Code Conspirators, and why I use what Code Conspirators and will continue to do so, is communication. Everyone that I have worked with over there from the top down have been very communicative. They always return phone calls, emails, texts, and they let me know each step on the way what’s going on. Honestly, in the past, I have dealt with other companies that have sold me SEO or have sold me a website and they disappeared. I had no idea what it was about and no idea what they were doing. 

Code Conspirators meets with me every month, like clockwork, to give me an idea of what’s going on and show me the numbers and show me exactly where my dollars are being spent. And as a result, I’ve actually increased my marketing dollars with Code Conspirators because of that communication. Not just the fact that I’m getting more business, but the fact that the every single person I’ve worked with at Code Conspirators will tell me what’s going on and keep me abreast of what’s going on, which to me is very important as a personal injury. Attorney communication is the number one priority because I have to keep my clients informed and they have to know what’s going on. And I have to be informed to and I have to know what’s going on as well. And Code Conspirators does a phenomenal job of not just working with me and doing things for me, but telling me how it works and why it’s worth, why it works and why we should continue doing what we’re doing or change things. And they’re good at that, too, because we’ve pivoted a couple times when we’ve needed to and they’ve been very agile with that. 

So, I would highly recommend working with Code Conspirators in anything that has to do with internet, social media, or any kind of electronic marketing. They’ve been Top Notch for me and the results prove it. Results don’t lie, numbers don’t lie.

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