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So I was introduced to Code Conspirators by a rep in a power core group at the time I had known the rep for years. We had developed a close friendship and I wasn’t happy with SEO company that I was with and want to give them the opportunity to prove, you know, his SEO and his practices, you gave a great demonstration online of what they look for and how what action steps To take to improve our visibility online and and how they could help us. 

And then my file was turned over to Gianni and she ran with it and gave me a lot of definitive answers that I was never getting before with rankings with specifics of, you know, how we were fixing errors and she got very technical with me, which was nice because I like to understand how things work, how websites work. I don’t actually want to do it, but I want to know what she’s doing and she can tell you. And that’s really nice. 

You actually see visibly like I started seeing the the website that Health going up and up and up. It’s gone up. I think like fourteen percent since co-conspirator says, worked with us. So it’s a huge amount of website, health and Improvement in such a short time. So, I think it’s been, maybe six months that we’ve been working together. So I’m really really happy so far with with everything that I’ve seen. 

What’s really nice is? I’m actually starting to see a little bit of movement with receiving calls. I’ve been reviewing them so I can hear them coming in. So, I’ve been able to catalog, how many calls I’m getting in. I’m collecting data with that, which is nice. So I’m spending a little bit less time networking, which is usually it takes up a lot of time when you’re meeting someone. Because You’re spending most of your time listening to what their needs are and trying to help them, you know, and it’s years of developing, those friendships to maybe see something out of it versus using sa SEO. I mean, within six months from closing business and so I’m not spending so much time making new relationships and just receiving calls, which is really nice. Also, With the amount of extra time that I have, I’ve been able to work more on the operation side with project management. And also I’ve been able to focus on more important leads, more important relationships that I do have instead of kind of scrambling and being in the field all the time. Also with the recordings. It’s been really nice because I’ve used them as a training opportunity because I got to listen to Entire staff of the office and how they handle the calls. And so I call them sometimes to give them more information of giving them a better answer or better resources or what we’re looking for. And also figuring out whether I like how people in the office are answering the phone and general to figure out whether they are building bonds with future clients or wasting time. So pending up the office a little bit, making it more efficient and being able to manage the office remotely has been very valuable to me.


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