Print advertising and other traditional marketing methods don’t get the same attention that they used to.

With the advent and growth of digital marketing, many law firms have shifted their focus to content marketing, social media, and other online strategies. But print ads still play a vital role in your marketing campaigns.

Knowing how print ads impact your social media results helps you leverage this powerful marketing tool and elevate the visibility, engagement, and success of your law firm.

Use Print and Social Media to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool used in today’s advertising. Print offers an ideal way for you to tell the story of your brand. More importantly, you can continue that story through your social media channels.

Creating a narrative around your brand can be difficult when using online advertisements. Online users typically give businesses about 7 seconds before deciding to move further into your content or returning to the search engine results page.

A print advertisement gives you greater flexibility when creating and sharing your brand’s story and the benefits that your legal services provide.

Avoid Interrupt Marketing Tactics

Interrupt marketing includes strategies that force users to stop and engage with an advertisement or other marketing messages. Pop-up ads are seen all over the Internet, but users have become resistant to these and other uninvited messages.

Print advertisements are less disruptive. This increases the likelihood that they’ll read your advertisement and prevents the negative reaction that occurs when one is forced upon them.

Remembering that your long-term success is based on the relationships you develop with your prospective clients emphasizes the importance of respecting your audience.

This makes them more likely to move to your social media page and continue to learn more about your practice and the services it provides.

Calls to Action Move Your Audience from Print to Social

The biggest mistake many law firms make in their print advertisements is overlooking the importance of their calls to action (CTA). A well crafted CTA can make or break your print advertisement. 

Print ads should include CTAs that drive your audience to your website and social media pages. Guiding users to your online presence increases engagement and improves the conversion rates of your digital assets.

But you need to ensure a consistent brand experience when sending people from your print advertisement to your social media. The voice or message expressed in your print ad should match your online marketing message.

Using hashtags and dedicated URLs make this process easier while letting you track the results of your advertising.

Create a Collaborative Marketing Team

Law firms have individuals or teams responsible for their digital marketing. In some cases, offline marketing strategies such as print, television, radio, and billboards are handled by separate individuals or departments.

But it’s essential that your entire marketing team be on board when integrating your print advertising with your social media marketing.

This gives your entire team the resources needed to create and implement effective offline and online marketing strategies.

Data must be accessible and shared among your marketing team, and the goals established for each advertising method must be understood.

How have you used print advertising to improve your social media marketing? What challenges have you faced in creating a strategy that connects your offline and online presence? Let us know in the comments below.

Print advertising can still provide a significant return on your marketing investment. Knowing how your print ads affect your social media is the first step in creating a more comprehensive and successful marketing strategy for your practice.

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