Is Metaverse the Future? 5 Things To Expect

Is Metaverse the Future? 5 Things To Expect


The idea of a simulated world similar to ours but entirely different can be hard to understand. Is Metaverse a future we can expect? Or is this another tech buzzword many tech diehards try to will into existence? Here are five things you can expect from this revolutionary idea.

When you ask almost any Silicon Valley tech expert, you’ll hear the term “Metaverse.” Started by Meta, formerly Facebook, the idea is to create an interconnected virtual world through AR and VR experiences. As people discuss the concept, you question more if the future of the Metaverse is genuinely ours.

The idea of a simulated world similar to ours but entirely different can be hard to understand. Is Metaverse a future we can expect? Or is this another tech buzzword many tech diehards try to will into existence? Here are five things you can expect from this revolutionary idea.

What Is The Metaverse?

As defined by its creators, a Metaverse is “an interconnected virtual world where users can create and share content and experiences that other users generate.” 

This is easy to say but difficult to execute. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the VR industry, it’s how challenging it is to create an immersive environment that can transport users into worlds of wonder and fun.

Still, the Metaverse isn’t just about one environment. Many different elements come together to create a Metaverse. These include VR headsets, AR headsets, IoT devices, wearables, and mobile devices. So, what should we expect?

1. Immersive Music And Video Experiences

People want to enter worlds they can experience first-hand. They aren’t content with observing a virtual world. Instead, they want to immerse themselves in its sights and sounds. Users want to interact with people, places, art, and music. The Metaverse is about enabling them to do just that. 

In the future, these experiences will include VR concerts. You could attend a show by your favorite band, then return to your pod. This could evolve into immersive music experiences with AR or VR. The Metaverse’s impact on the music industry can help change how we do entertainment forever.

Virtual concerts create a more accessible environment for anyone around the world. While many can enjoy the event live, those who can’t can simply pay for access and be there in its virtual version. The quality will likely be negligible enough that people would want the experience regardless.

2. Single Unified Economy Across Platforms

The biggest takeaway from the Metaverse will be its ability to provide a single unified economy. A Metaverse economy will be vastly different from today’s economy. Today, you can expect various game and VR/AR economies with a virtual marketplace.  

In the Metaverse, there will only be one economy. With a universal currency, shoppers can pay bills and take cryptocurrency. Users could collect currency in their virtual worlds. Then, it could be used for actual purchases and investments.  

This economy will have a centralized hub that connects all platforms. People shouldn’t have to fire up a different app to sell items or access other gaming worlds. Instead, everything can be made accessible in one place.

3. Computer Generated Experiences Will Be The Norm

The Metaverse creates experiences that computers can manipulate. This differs from today’s VR and AR experiences that simply overlay digital elements in the real world. The Metaverse becomes its own reality. 

From a technology perspective, computers can dynamically control an experience in real-time. This could include gaming, social apps, and more. 

Imagine a Metaverse conversation platform where you chat with a simulated version of another person. The person’s character is entirely computer-generated. Those conversations could be much different than the physical experiences we have today.  

Artificial Intelligence can generate personalized experiences. You’ll design your own avatars and environments. Businesses can use the technology to create customized shopping experiences or immersive events that take everything to the next level. The Metaverse wouldn’t be complete without AI-enabled personalized experiences. 

4. New Forms Of Gaming 

The Metaverse will change the way we game forever. Technology will enable new types of gaming – not just one or two games, but a near-endless list of games. You might find yourself spending all your time in the Metaverse.

We’ve already seen how gaming embedded within the Metaverse can be a game changer for the gaming industry. Gaming content on the Metaverse can be unique to the platform and those that use it. Developers can create their own experiences or piggyback off other developers’ content.   

Users can also experience gaming concepts through virtual games, such as sports betting, casino games, and social games. Virtual gambling and sports betting are among the more popular sports in the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse will be truly immersive. Unlike a VR headset, Metaverse users won’t feel like they are simply wearing a headset. Instead, they’ll transition into a new world, albeit a virtual world, and feel as if they are there. 

5. Augmented Lifestyles

Augmented reality is already transforming industries. The healthcare industry can create AR glasses that scan patients and show them their veins. The military can make AR glasses for soldiers that detect enemy and target locations. Police can use AR glasses that scan for banned substances.

Businesses can use technology to transform internal processes. If you’ve ever wanted to teach a class or present to an audience, AR glasses could make it a reality. For example, let’s say you wanted to design and build a robot. With AR glasses, you could present your robot design to your audience. Your audience could see the design as if it were in front of them, and you could annotate it as needed.

Shopping is especially popular in the Metaverse. Users can create wishlists, join waiting lists, and purchase items. Those items could be delivered to a virtual location. Customers could then access those deliveries as easily as if they were delivered to their door. 

Augmented lifestyles are also great for social networking. Instead of going to a bar for a night out, you can log onto the Metaverse. You can enjoy a night out with friends, albeit those in the Metaverse. 

Augmented lifestyles will also be great for work. Today, people collaborate with colleagues remotely. In the future, the Metaverse will enable people to work on their own projects, either individually or with others, in the same virtual space.

The Bottom Line

The Metaverse will be vastly different from what we have now. It’s a world where technology has merged to form a seamless, intuitive experience that even non-techies can enjoy. 

The Metaverse is only in its infancy. It’s not possible to predict how it will evolve and grow. However, the potential is there for a truly different experience.

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