Creating content that compels your audience to purchase your legal services is an ongoing endeavor. Content gives your audience the information that solves their legal needs, positions your firm as an industry leader, and improves search rankings.

New marketing strategies require new messages in the form of advertisements, articles, social media activity, and other forms of marketing collateral.

Knowing how existing marketing content shapes your marketing strategy makes it easy to improve results, reduce marketing costs, and enhance the experience of your target audience.

Analyzing Your Existing Marketing Content

Existing content generates new prospects for your law firm and increase your ability to convert them into paying clients. Well-crafted marketing collateral is an asset that keeps your law firm “top of mind” and provides consistent results over time.

Your law firm must first identify the marketing content that’s worked in the past. This lets you determine the factors that resonate with your audience most and will guide you in shaping your new marketing strategy.

Successful content gives you insights into new ways to improve your brand message and ideas for creating content that’s relevant to your target audience.

Content that performed poorly may be improved upon as part of your new marketing strategy. But in many cases, you may need to eliminate existing marketing content that’s no longer current or in line with your marketing objectives.

Existing Content Reduces Marketing Costs

Creating new content can be time intensive and costly. One of the biggest benefits of using existing content in your new marketing strategy is the lower investment it requires.

Existing marketing collateral makes it easy to improve your returns by generating new traffic, leads, and clients for your law firm. This addresses the cost issues that many businesses face in content marketing.

Existing content reduces your client acquisition cost, which makes your new marketing strategy more efficient. By focusing on the highest performing content, your marketing message becomes more focused and reaches your ideal client.

Integrating New and Existing Content

Successful law firms understand how to integrate existing marketing collateral with their new content. It’s important that your marketing team focuses on creating new content while repurposing existing content in order to maximize your results.

The primary purpose of new content is to continue to increase brand visibility and reach a larger audience. Existing content can support these efforts while improving your industry presence and providing greater value to current and future clients.

Analytics and testing should be at the heart of your content marketing efforts. This is the most accurate way to determine what works in order to create a new marketing strategy that meets your law firm’s needs.

Existing marketing content can be enhanced through updates that reflect industry changes. You can improve content linking for better navigation and organize existing content to help users get the information they need faster.

Your existing content can shape all of your future marketing decisions. Understanding how to identify successful marketing collateral and using it to create new content improves the results you achieve.

What other ways have you leveraged existing content when creating your own marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

Having a clear idea of what works in your marketing campaigns creates a more focused approach that achieves your business goals and provides greater value to your audience.

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