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Creating Consistency in Your Digital Marketing

Creating Consistency in Your Digital Marketing

Prospective clients have many ways to engage with today’s law firms. This provides you with a large number of opportunities to build relationships, demonstrate your expertise, and grow your client base.

Along with the various online platforms that today’s law firms use to increase visibility, consumers use desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices to connect online.

This creates an increased need for consistency in your marketing strategy. Creating a consistent brand experience makes your law firm recognizable while building trust among your target audience.

Consistent Branding

Your brand is the experience that clients have with your law firm. Branding requires you to develop an online voice that humanizes your law firm and represents its core values and mission.

Branding must be consistent across all of your marketing channels. These include your website, blog, social media activity, advertisements, email marketing, webinars, podcasts, and others.

Your online brand should reflect your offline persona. This is especially important for law firms, which typically work with clients in person.

Moving prospective clients through your sales process should include the consistent branding that sets you apart from your competitors.

Consider the points of contact that users have when engaging your firm. These include social media, email, phone, and face-to-face meetings. Is your brand clearly presented in each of these?

Consistent Content

Content marketing positions your law firm as an industry leader while providing value in addition to your legal services. Successful content marketing requires a focused approach that addresses the most relevant questions and topics for your audience.

Consistency in your content improves its performance while helping users know what to expect each time they engage with your blog posts, videos, or social media activity.

Creating a content calendar allows you to publish on a consistent basis. This grows your audience, improves search engine optimization, and increases your online assets over time.

Consistency creates an expectation among your followers and helps you achieve specific marketing goals. Your calendar should include timelines for your blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and other forms of content.

Benefits of a Consistent Digital Marketing Strategy

Consistency puts your law firm in front of the right audience at the right time. It helps them recognize your brand and understand what you offer each time they see you.

Using consistent profile images, font styles, keywords, and other elements improves your ability to be recognized among the seemingly endless content that today’s user’s face.

Consistent digital marketing helps you develop your law firm’s offline reputation. Use your online activity to demonstrate who you are in person. This further establishes the trust that prospective clients need before hiring you for your legal services.

Building a consistent digital marketing strategy requires you to determine what your law firm stands for and how it serves its clients. It should be integrated with your long-term goals so that it supports the growth of your practice.

Consistency is a vital part of growing your business in today’s digital marketplace. Developing a brand that represents your law firm is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy.

If you aren’t getting great results from your marketing efforts, let us know in the comments. We can help you take the first step in creating the long-term consistency that supports all of your business goals while increasing the visibility of your practice.

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