Conversions from Conversation (B2B Growth Summit 2020 - Virtual) - CC

Conversions from Conversation (B2B Growth Summit 2020 – Virtual)

I’ve been speaking with a lot of leaders of organizations who are looking to grow during the pandemic and the challenge they seem to be experiencing is that they’re trying to appeal to a wide market and they take their content to such a generic level to try to appeal to everyone that they’re really not applying to anyone.

I gave this talk at a conference recently (virtual) about how to leverage technology to have one-on-one conversations at scale, that better meets their needs for what they’re looking for in terms of a service or product, and better meets your needs in terms of sales. If you’re looking to grow your organization during the pandemic, this may be a great resource to help you leverage technology to better serve your audience. and to shorten that time to close for your prospects.

Improve Marketing Sales ROI

Conversion from Conversation

Conversion from Conversation: Turning Monologue into Dialogue to Improve Marketing and Sales ROI. This resource will walk you through advancements in web technology that help you hyper-personalize your content for your target audience, improving your marketing and sales efforts, and streamlining your best prospects through your sales funnel to the closing table.

Online Decision Engines help convert your Prospects

Why do exists to help growing organizations leverage web technology to solve business problems and one of the largest business problems that potential clients come to us with is brevity and we’ve got a myriad of ways to help with that but today we’re going to talk about calculators you remember one of these guys likely if you’re you’re above the age of the Millennial and you know basically it’s an old fashioned calculator but these days it’s very easy to implement one of these online in a way that’s going to impact business.