Unique Paths to Purchase based on Buyer Persona

We frequently talk about Customer Journeys, and how to mass-personalize content to speak to a specific prospect about solutions to their specific needs, along their path to purchase.

Google’s latest content on the topic demonstrates how the path to purchase varies based on a wide array of factors.

Most notable stats:

84% of Americans are shopping for something in any given 48-hour period.
63% of shopping occasions begin online.

A Healthy Perspective on Google PageSpeed Insights

There are several tools available to test how Google (and other search engines) view your site, but each of these tests look at different areas and score things differently. While a higher score is better, and while these tests typically score websites out of 100 potential points, getting 100 actual points is pretty near impossible, even for the best of development teams, and continuing to pursue 100 points would require some trade offs.

How to Make it Easy for Clients to Contact Your Business

The relationships you have with your clients are the foundation for your long-term industry success. Making it easy for your clients to contact you should be a fundamental part of your marketing campaigns. Whether clients want to purchase your products or services, provide feedback, or address a problem, making it easy to contact you improves their experience and sets you apart from your competitors.

Diagnose Web Traffic: Factors to Check When Sudden Drop in Traffic Occurs

For any business visible online, having a big website traffic volume is important. The more your website has visitors going in and out of your site, there will be more outlets and opportunities in making your brand awareness grow to your visitors. Whenever your site drops its website traffic, it means there will be losses and lower sales for your business. Whenever this happens, you need to look at why you are experiencing a drop in website traffic. It is very helpful to use website analytics tools in finding the main culprit of the problem.

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Death By Slow Loading Time: Why Site Speed Optimization Matters

Although most business owners know it’s important to have a website, some believe that as long as it looks good and the pages work, there’s nothing to worry about. But the truth is that if your website is ineffective or is slow to load, you’re going to find it difficult to keep customers coming back. In addition, Google takes this information into account and can penalize you for slow site speed, which will directly effect your rankings.