How Law Firms Use Content Re-Marketing to Improve Their Online Marketing Results

Maintaining the success of your content marketing isn’t always easy. Changing user behaviors and needs requires the ways to provide value to current and prospective clients. Law firms are using content re-marketing as a way to increase their lead generation and online conversions. It gives you an opportunity to re-market to your site visitors and bring them back to your website after their initial visit.

How Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing Can Transform Your Law Firm’s Marketing Campaigns

Google AdWords developed its Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing to help businesses achieve greater success in their marketing campaigns. With the phone numbers and email addresses of users, law firms target their advertisements and content marketing to those users who are most likely to be looking for their services.  Your content and ads can appear alongside those users’ search results, emails, and YouTube video searches when they use keywords related to your services.

A Client’s Experience is a Powerful Way to Market Your Law Firm

Marketing your legal services is a major part of your long-term success. There are many ways to gain more visibility for your law firm including online and offline marketing strategies. But you may be overlooking the most powerful tool to include in your marketing toolbox: the experiences of your clients. Referrals and case studies demonstrate your skills and expertise through the satisfaction that others have gained from your services.

Beyond Google: Search Moves to Social Media

Social media has become the new search engine for online users. Facebook and Twitter have search capabilities that make it easy to tap into conversations, content, and events related to a particular topic. Users search for legal services on social media applications just as easily as they can through any of the major search engines. In their attempts to master Google, law firms fail to recognize this underlying shift. Firms who want to grow their practices must leverage the advantages that these tools offers.

Can Snapchat Marketing Work for Your Law Firm?

The growth of Snapchat has forced law firms to look closely at its value as a marketing tool. Social media is an effective way to boost the marketing campaigns of law firms. But Snapchat still seems to leave many people scratching their heads. Snapchat has become a powerful way for law firms to connect directly with the public while growing their brand’s online presence.