How to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars As Far As Possible

Today’s marketing strategies present a wide range of options for law firms to generate greater visibility for their services and acquire new clients. But your marketing budget may not let you leverage the available tools that are at your disposal. More importantly, recognizing the strategies that provide the greatest return for your law firm makes your marketing more cost-effective.

Why the Platforms Your Law Firm Uses Impacts Its Marketing Strategy

Today’s online users have a growing number of platforms to engage with businesses and each other. But it can be difficult for law firms to develop effective marketing strategies if they don’t know what platforms work best for their businesses and the clients they serve. The use of multiple devices further complicates this issue and requires your law firm to develop a multi-faceted approach to reaching, connecting with, and acquiring new clients.

How Existing Marketing Content Shapes Your New Marketing Strategy

Creating content that compels your audience to purchase your legal services is an ongoing endeavor. Content gives your audience the information that solves their legal needs, positions your firm as an industry leader, and improves search rankings. New marketing strategies require new messages in the form of advertisements, articles, social media activity, and other forms of marketing collateral. Knowing how existing marketing content shapes your marketing strategy makes it easy to improve results, reduce marketing costs, and enhance the experience of your target audience.

Why Different Law Practices Require Different Marketing Strategies

In today’s marketplace, law firms and other businesses must identify target markets, establish key performance indicators, and implement strategies that lead to lasting results. But not all law firms are created equally. They specialize in different practice areas that require unique ways to reach their prospective clients and grow within their industries. Knowing why different practice areas need different types of marketing is the first step to creating an effective marketing strategy for your law firm.

How Geography Impacts the Way Your Firm Markets Itself

The location of your law firm and its target audience is an important component in your marketing strategy. Many law firms and other businesses overlook geography when determining how to best reach prospective clients. But knowing how geography impacts the way a law firm markets itself helps you understand what methods and tools will support your business goals.

How to Market a B2B Law Firm Differently Than a B2C Law Firm

Reaching your ideal client and selling your legal services are at the heart of all of your marketing activities. But not all marketing strategies are the same. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client (B2C) marketing tactics will depend on a number of factors. Understanding how to market a B2B law firm differently than a B2C law firm addresses the unique needs of your practice while providing better results from your marketing efforts.

Improve Your Content’s Performance Next Year Using Clear Calls to Action

Getting your audience to take action is at the heart of all marketing communications. But this doesn’t happen unless clear calls to action are included in your content. Calls to action (CTA) help law firms achieve consistent conversions and increased revenue. They request users to take actions that include clicking through to a landing page, downloading a free guide, signing up for your newsletter, or sharing your content.

Marketing That Builds Relationships (Not Just Sales) in 2017

Marketing has seen a number of shifts in recent years. It’s no longer enough to simply provide legal services that meet your clients’ needs. Today’s law firms must nurture the ongoing relationships that support their business goals and create greater visibility for their brands. Knowing how to develop a marketing strategy that builds these relationships and increases your firm’s revenue will establish lasting success in 2017.

Creating Educational and Practical Content for Your Audience in 2017

Your law firm can reevaluate its existing content marketing strategy for 2017. If you aren’t balancing educational content with practical information, you can take these steps to create a more comprehensive strategy that produces the results you’re looking for. Let us know if you’re struggling with creating high quality and compelling content that educates your audience and meets their legal needs.

Why You Must Do a Competitive Analysis Before Creating Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

Your 2017 marketing strategy will help you achieve new goals and reach a higher level of success. But this assumes that you’ll be taking the necessary steps in creating and implementing that strategy. A competitive analysis is a critical part of this process. It’s also one that many law firms overlook. It provides your practice with the insights that will inform your marketing decisions and lead to better results in the long run.