How to Connect Your Billboard to Your Online Marketing

Today’s law firms have many ways to market their legal services and reach a larger audience. Billboards are still an effective way to increase visibility and acquire new clients for your practice. But offline advertising needs to connect to your online marketing if you want to achieve the greatest return on your marketing investment. Knowing how to connect your billboard to your online marketing creates a consistent brand experience, builds credibility and trust, and can generate greater revenue for your law firm.

Should You Send Your Newsletter by Print or Email?…Here’s What You Need to Know

Your business newsletter can be one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox. Newsletters serve many functions including lead generation, client education, and the promotion of your legal services. Newsletters can set your law firm apart from its competitors and position you as an industry leader. But how should you deliver your newsletter to your audience?

Knowing the Difference Between a Boring and an Effective Newsletter

A consistent publishing schedule helps recipients know when to expect to receive your newsletter. It keeps your law firm “top of mind” and helps its brand recognition. Finally, you need to have a strategy in place to market your newsletter. Clients and prospects may be unaware that you have a newsletter if you don’t invite them to subscribe to your mailing list. Your website design should include an option to sign-up for your newsletter while giving site visitors the information they need to know what to expect when they receive it. This is an effective way to generate new leads for your legal practice.

How to Use a ListServ to Reach New Clients and Improve Your Marketing Results

Connecting with and engaging your target audience is at the core of any successful marketing strategy. Although there many ways that today’s businesses accomplish these and other goals, the use of a ListServ is one of the most overlooked strategies available. As a result, many law firms miss out on an opportunity to increase their brand’s reach and generate new clients for their practices. Knowing how to use a ListServ effectively provides you with greater insight into your target market while generating more revenue for your practice.

Why Marketing for Law Firms is Never One-Size-Fits-All

Today’s law firms are always on the lookout for effective marketing strategies that keep up with a changing marketplace. But many law firms adopt strategies and tools that others are using simply because they assume that they work. Marketing for law firms is never one-size-fits-all. In fact, Delivering your brand’s value proposition comes from a customized marketing plan that considers your unique needs and goals.

Why the Same Two Law Firms Need to Have Different Marketing Strategies

Your law firm may not be as unique as you want. There are plenty of industry competitors that offer the same services in the same practice area. But despite these similarities, no two marketing strategies can be alike. The methods by which you reach, engage with, and acquire new clients for your practice depends on many factors. Failing to understand this may prevent you from growing your client base or gaining a lead over your competitors.

Why a “Phased” Marketing Approach Might be the Right Strategy for Your Law Firm

Creating an effective marketing strategy is one of the biggest hurdles that law firms and other businesses face. It requires the consideration of your target audience, legal services, distribution platforms, and other elements. This can be overwhelming to law firms that lack all of the resources needed to implement a marketing strategy that meets all of its needs. Taking a phased approach is an ideal option for law firms looking to implement a strategy that achieves their business objectives.

How Trending Topics and Hashtags Shape Your Marketing Strategy

There are many factors that direct your law firm’s marketing decisions. User behavior, target audience, and branding are just a few. But today’s trends give law firms greater insight into the ways that help them reach their audiences and grow their client bases. Trending topics and hashtags are used in social media to help users stay current with the events that matter most. Your law firm must understand how these features shape your marketing strategy in order to achieve better results and consistent growth.

How Google Keyword Research Benefits More Than Just Your PPC Campaigns

Keyword research is a cornerstone of online marketing. Identifying the keywords that are used to search for legal services like yours helps you reach your target audience and improve your ability to acquire new clients. But keyword research is important for more than just your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It provides a wide range of benefits that impact all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Why a Competitive Analysis is Essential to Marketing Your Law Firm

Law firms that market their legal services must consider a wide range of strategies in order to gain visibility, generate website traffic, and convert prospects into paying clients. The competitive analysis is a fundamental step in learning about the marketplace and developing effective marketing solutions that produce lasting results. By analyzing your competitors, you gain insight into new opportunities for reaching a larger portion of your target audience.