How Law Firms Can Write Advertising Copy That Sells

Advertising your legal services requires the elements that work together to reach the right audience and compel them to say “Yes” to your services. The images, color schemes, and layouts of ads are important factors to consider. But your ad’s copy, the words that speak to your audience, is what achieves the conversions needed for higher returns on your advertising investment.

Following Up With Prospects and New Connections After a Speaking Engagement

Speaking engagements showcase your expertise and connect you with prospective clients and industry leaders. But if you don’t know how to follow-up with the connections you make, your efforts will fail to contribute to the success of your law firm. Following up with participants after a speaking engagement is a critical step in growing your brand and reaching a larger audience.


Does Direct Mail Work Anymore? Here’s What Your Law Firm Needs to Know

Direct mail offers unique benefits (and limitations) that your law firm should consider when trying to grow its client base and position itself as an industry leader. It’s no secret that direct mail marketing still works. Billions of dollars are spent each year on direct mail campaigns, and businesses that use direct mail are better able to attract and retain new clients.

How Print Ads Impact Your Social Media Results

Print advertising and other traditional marketing methods don’t get the same attention that they used to. With the advent and growth of digital marketing, many law firms have shifted their focus to content marketing, social media, and other online strategies. But print ads still play a vital role in your marketing campaigns. Knowing how print ads impact your social media results helps you leverage this powerful marketing tool and elevate the visibility, engagement, and success of your law firm.

How Podcasting Can Take Your Digital Marketing to a New Level of Success

Today’s law firms have a wide range of tools for marketing their legal services. But this can make it difficult to determine what works when trying to gain visibility for your brand while providing more value to your existing and future clients. Content marketing is an important way to generate new clients for your legal practice. But there are many types of content to consider including blog and social media posts, webinars, and email newsletters.

Bus and Bench Ads May Be Too Outdated for Your Law Firm’s Marketing…Here’s What to Do Instead

Traditional marketing strategies can provide a number of benefits to many businesses. Law firms have commonly used advertisements on buses, bus stops, and benches as a way to generate more visibility for their practices. Bus and bench ads may position your brand in front of a larger audience, but there are other factors to consider if you want to see a return on your marketing investment.

What a Vertical Market is and Why it Matters to Your Law Firm

Vertical and horizontal markets are concepts that many law firms aren’t familiar with. In fact, few marketing experts discuss these important factors when talking about how to sell legal services. But understanding vertical markets can help you achieve better results in your law firm’s marketing strategies. The following will explain what a vertical market is and why it matters to the success of your law firm.

Television Advertising and Online Branding: What Your Law Firm Needs to Know

When it comes to selling your legal services, television still works. But many law firms and other businesses are investing more of their resources into new online marketing tools and strategies at the expense of traditional media. This could be a mistake that costs law firms potential new clients and negatively impacts their branding efforts. Despite the shift to an online marketplace, the most successful law firms still use television advertising to enhance their online branding.

Why You Need to Grow Your Online Presence With a Radio Ad

Marketing in an online world requires a new set of skills, strategies, and tools that help your law firm reach a larger audience and generate new clients. Many businesses are moving away from traditional marketing media such as radio in order to maximize their search, social media, and email marketing campaigns. But this can hurt their marketing results. Radio offers plenty of benefits that are relevant to building visibility and generating more revenue online.