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Investments in artificial intelligence and its application now reach hundreds of billions a year. In 2020, investment in AI-based development grew by 40% to a record $67.9 billion, according to the AI ​​Index Report. Current statistics show that most companies and patents related to Artificial Intelligence belong to the United States. At the same time, about 63% of consumers do not even suspect that they regularly use AI-based technologies. But how does artificial intelligence optimize marketing processes in the way of the buyer? Consider some of the most popular processes used by AI systems for optimization in email marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Use Today

There are several simple and accurate interpretations of the term AI today:

  • The ability of computer programs to perform creative tasks.
  • A system or machine that most accurately mimics human behavior to successfully solve problems.
  • The process of self-learning of intelligent systems, in which the conclusions are not governed by rigid algorithms.

Artificial intelligence was first mentioned in the 1950s. Then the eminent English mathematician Alan Turing published an article called “Computers and the mind.” In it, the scientist wondered about the possibility of the machine performing actions that are not distinct from the deliberate actions of man.

The phrase “artificial intelligence” is equally used in science and popular culture. Thanks to this, every person has heard it, but few can clearly explain what it means. It is even less clear how to use these state-of-the-art technologies. In 2021, artificial intelligence has confidently entered human life and is used to:

  • analyze large data sets;
  • manage personal and corporate finance;
  • promote goods and services on the Internet;
  • perform repetitive routine tasks in the workplace;
  • facilitate remote communication with customers.

This is only a small part of the areas where AI has been useful. It should be emphasized that the creation of completely independent systems and machines (“pure artificial intelligence”) is not yet in question. Many scientists generally doubt the feasibility of such an idea.

There are many myths about artificial intelligence. The most common is that AI is very expensive to integrate, and therefore it can be used only by large corporations in their activities. Yet, there already are many very affordable and easy-to-use solutions on the market that can help small businesses not only offer a new service but also compete on an equal footing with network formats and multinational corporations in the cost and quality of services and products.

Where exactly can we use artificial intelligence for business and marketing strategies? Here is our list:

  • One of the most popular sub-technologies of artificial intelligence is NLP, i.e. the machine’s understanding of what a person is saying or writing. I am sure that more than 50% of citizens have used NLP-based services because NLP is the “brain” of any chatbot. Chatbots are now widely used in small businesses to reduce the cost of communicating with customers, allowing significant savings in staff support/call centers and other costs.
  • The oldest text recognition (OCR) technology and document structure from scanned images or photos of phones. OCR has been saving entrepreneurs time and money on digital paper translation for 30 years. Electronic document management systems are now gaining ground, which in combination with NLP allow automating the work of accountants by 70-80%.

5 Illustrative Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Giants like Amazon or Google have long attracted customers and interacted with them through AI tools. Here are some areas they can help in:

  1. Design and content. Professional web designers and copywriters risk losing their jobs shortly. Even today, an intelligent system can quickly create a quality site. Then GPT-3 will take over the writing of texts, and various AI-powered tools will edit them.
  2. Personalization. Analyzing information about user actions on the Web, artificial intelligence selects individual proposals for each user. This ability of Artificial Intelligence is used by industry leaders: Starbucks, Booking.com, and Netflix. Customers are willing to follow the recommendations of the AI ​​and make purchases more often.
  3. Advertising campaigns. Automated marketing is a lifeline for many marketers. The intelligent system executes and monitors the entire cycle of the advertising campaign, providing detailed reports. Some programs can detect patterns and offer effective solutions to increase the number of transactions.
  4. Brand promotion. Today, augmented reality allows you to successfully promote brands on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. For example, a stylish and trendy AR-mask increases the recognizability and attracts the attention of young creative audiences.
  5. Email marketing. AI can help you with gathering info about your audience, creating, designing, launching as well as monitoring the results of your email marketing campaigns. We will explore various uses of AI in email marketing below, so keep reading!

How AI Will Boost Your Email Marketing

Uniform basic e-mails are a thing of the past. Today, AI systems Boomtrain and Optimove can compose the text of the advertising letter. In this way, you can significantly increase the average purchase check and update the base of active users. Also, it is good to find help with analyzing previous cases of user interaction with the site or application.

This is how AI can enhance your email marketing:

  1. Ai can analyze the history of customer interaction with content and help you create more targeted newsletters with engaging user-specific subject lines and personalized content.
  2. AI solutions can automate your data collection. Any email marketing campaign needs its audience – people that will appreciate your content and engage with it. Therefore, a very important job is collecting emails from your website visitors, and engaging them with proper emails to prolonged their interaction with your company. AI and help you set up an email collection system and easily run it without much work from you.
  3. AI can segment the customer list for subsequent engagement and conversion. Various AI-based email marketing solutions can send different proposals for different groups of your clients and even interact with them in your stead. This way, revenue and the number of active customers will grow.
  4. AI can even help you find new customers. For example, American telecommunications company CenturyLink uses Angie‘s robot to find and identify hot leads. The machine sends email offers to new leads and determines if they are ready to be transferred to managers. This saves a lot of valuable time and resources. Angie finds up to 40 hot leads a week, and for every dollar spent on her, she makes up to $20. Angie understands at least 99% of reply letters.
  5. A good newsletter is important, but it will not do you much good if you don’t know when your customers want to receive it. AI can help you find the perfect time to send out your newsletter so that you will have maximum yield.

So, artificial intelligence can help you update your marketing strategy. It frees up a lot of time that can be spent by humans on what is important and needed to be done, taking on more routine and tedious tasks. In the coming years, the e-commerce market will only expand. This means that the high demand for AI technologies is not an assumption, but a fact. The earlier AI tools are integrated into your marketing strategy, the better. Such investments are guaranteed to pay off for a very long time.

It’s important to note, though, that however helpful the AI technologies become, they still cannot beat human input. If you wonder “can someone write my paper?” or help with other academic assignments, consider reaching out to a good writing company. They have excellent writers, tools that allow plagiarism and grammar check, and have great customer service, so they will answer any question you may have.

AI Solutions For Your Marketing Strategy

With the improvement of language comprehension technologies and the spread of chatbots, we can almost completely automate communication with customers in both support and sales. This will allow entrepreneurs to focus on the most important thing – the production of quality products or services with minimal costs. These and other solutions using artificial intelligence will be able to provide increasingly more interesting and effective ways of optimizing marketer’s work.

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