Being exact

Being Exact

My Estimated Wait Time is 4.8066298342541 minutes. Thanks, HostGator Chat Support, for being so exact.
What if we were this exact with other things? Like calculating the grams of sugar in a single Fig Newton (but who can eat just one??).

Pressed for Precious Time

There are just not enough hours in a day, right?  Screw a Klondike Bar! What we busy business owners would do for an extra hour each day!  The project management gurus at Mavenlink have put together this fun infographic about what time means to small businesses and some help on how you can get a little of it back with some time management tips.

Does Your State Make the Grade?

You’ve heard that before, right?  Where you decide to plant your entrepreneurial seed can determine if it will or will not grow.   Some states are better than others to start a new business.  Taxes and license fees vary, laws fluctuate, and some states even have better small business assistance programs through local government.

website clients

Congrats to a couple of our favorite website clients!

We’re so excited that two of our favorite website clients were honored as #2 and #4 in the 100 fastest growing businesses owned or operated by alumni of the University of Georgia. Meeting some minimum requirements of having been in business for at least five years, having annual revenues of $100,000 or more for the calendar year 2010, the principal, officer or managing partner with controlling interest being a former UGA student, and operating in a manner consistent with values and image of UGA, we are extremely proud of these folks and the teams that support them.


Continue Your Education For FREE

It’s back-to-school season!  While you’re packing lunches or watching the yellow school busses roll by, you may be giving thought to your own education.  Toying with the idea of going back to school to amp up your resume or just to gain more knowledge about a field of study that’s important to your business.  You…