Following Up With Prospects and New Connections After a Speaking Engagement

Speaking engagements showcase your expertise and connect you with prospective clients and industry leaders. But if you don’t know how to follow-up with the connections you make, your efforts will fail to contribute to the success of your law firm. Following up with participants after a speaking engagement is a critical step in growing your brand and reaching a larger audience.

Bus and Bench Ads May Be Too Outdated for Your Law Firm’s Marketing…Here’s What to Do Instead

Traditional marketing strategies can provide a number of benefits to many businesses. Law firms have commonly used advertisements on buses, bus stops, and benches as a way to generate more visibility for their practices. Bus and bench ads may position your brand in front of a larger audience, but there are other factors to consider if you want to see a return on your marketing investment.

What a Vertical Market is and Why it Matters to Your Law Firm

Vertical and horizontal markets are concepts that many law firms aren’t familiar with. In fact, few marketing experts discuss these important factors when talking about how to sell legal services. But understanding vertical markets can help you achieve better results in your law firm’s marketing strategies. The following will explain what a vertical market is and why it matters to the success of your law firm.

Should You Send Your Newsletter by Print or Email?…Here’s What You Need to Know

Your business newsletter can be one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox. Newsletters serve many functions including lead generation, client education, and the promotion of your legal services. Newsletters can set your law firm apart from its competitors and position you as an industry leader. But how should you deliver your newsletter to your audience?

Why the Same Two Law Firms Need to Have Different Marketing Strategies

Your law firm may not be as unique as you want. There are plenty of industry competitors that offer the same services in the same practice area. But despite these similarities, no two marketing strategies can be alike. The methods by which you reach, engage with, and acquire new clients for your practice depends on many factors. Failing to understand this may prevent you from growing your client base or gaining a lead over your competitors.

Why a “Phased” Marketing Approach Might be the Right Strategy for Your Law Firm

Creating an effective marketing strategy is one of the biggest hurdles that law firms and other businesses face. It requires the consideration of your target audience, legal services, distribution platforms, and other elements. This can be overwhelming to law firms that lack all of the resources needed to implement a marketing strategy that meets all of its needs. Taking a phased approach is an ideal option for law firms looking to implement a strategy that achieves their business objectives.

Why a Competitive Analysis is Essential to Marketing Your Law Firm

Law firms that market their legal services must consider a wide range of strategies in order to gain visibility, generate website traffic, and convert prospects into paying clients. The competitive analysis is a fundamental step in learning about the marketplace and developing effective marketing solutions that produce lasting results. By analyzing your competitors, you gain insight into new opportunities for reaching a larger portion of your target audience.

Why the Platforms Your Law Firm Uses Impacts Its Marketing Strategy

Today’s online users have a growing number of platforms to engage with businesses and each other. But it can be difficult for law firms to develop effective marketing strategies if they don’t know what platforms work best for their businesses and the clients they serve. The use of multiple devices further complicates this issue and requires your law firm to develop a multi-faceted approach to reaching, connecting with, and acquiring new clients.

How Existing Marketing Content Shapes Your New Marketing Strategy

Creating content that compels your audience to purchase your legal services is an ongoing endeavor. Content gives your audience the information that solves their legal needs, positions your firm as an industry leader, and improves search rankings. New marketing strategies require new messages in the form of advertisements, articles, social media activity, and other forms of marketing collateral. Knowing how existing marketing content shapes your marketing strategy makes it easy to improve results, reduce marketing costs, and enhance the experience of your target audience.