Companies that invest in innovation through a crisis outperform peers during the recovery

Companies that invest in innovation through a crisis outperform peers during the recovery. Innovators that pushed forward instead of pulling back outperformed during the crisis by 10%, and outperformed the market by 30% after the crisis.

The way to outperform the market is not by following the market. It’s not fear. It’s doubling down on what you know to be true: that we will come out of this crisis, and those that continue to push will see momentum as a result that those who let up on the throttle will not.

Demand Generation: Creating More Demand for Your Legal Services

Building awareness of your law firm may drive traffic to your website and improve your lead generation efforts. But creating demand for your legal services requires a more targeted approach that can multiply your overall results. Demand generation should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Growing the demand for your services is what leads to lasting relationships with current and prospective clients.

How Case Studies Build the Credibility and Trust Law Firms Need to Grow Their Client Base

Marketing your law firm’s legal services is an ongoing task. Along with a changing marketplace, the ways in which today’s businesses reach their audiences are evolving. Law firms have unique needs that must be considered in order to generate new clients. But lawyers don’t have to go it alone in order to get lasting results from their marketing campaigns.

Benchmarking Your Legal Marketing for Improving Performance

Today’s marketers have to navigate an evolving marketplace, new tools and strategies, and the changing behaviors of online users. But this makes it difficult to achieve consistent results when selling your legal services. Benchmarking helps your law firm measure its results over time alongside those of your competitors and other factors in your industry.

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Essentials of B2C Marketing for Your Law Firm

The marketing landscape continues to evolve, creating even bigger challenges for law firms looking to grow their client base and achieve greater brand visibility. Reaching and engaging with prospective clients is the first step in the business-to-client (B2C) marketing process. But there are distinct differences between B2C and B2B (business-to-business) marketing that law firms must consider.

Essentials of Advertising for Law Firms

Law firms that don’t adapt to the changing marketplace run the risk of being left behind. Although most legal practices allocate a large portion of their budgets to their advertising, many are relying on outdated strategies that lead to average or poor results. Today’s law firms must remain current with the latest tools and techniques for generating leads and converting those leads into paying clients.

How Law Firms Can Write Advertising Copy That Sells

Advertising your legal services requires the elements that work together to reach the right audience and compel them to say “Yes” to your services. The images, color schemes, and layouts of ads are important factors to consider. But your ad’s copy, the words that speak to your audience, is what achieves the conversions needed for higher returns on your advertising investment.