Marketing Automation Personalization

The Clear Path to Personalization

Deliver Superior Experiences, One Customer At A Time.

Personalization — the employment of data to enhance and deliver superior customer experiences — has long been the mantra of enterprise marketing leaders. In today’s digital economy, marketing automation personalization is no longer a luxury but a must-have capability to effectively compete for the attention and wallets of customers, whether they are businesses or individual consumers. Organizations at the forefront of personalization are seeing increased sales and customer loyalty as a direct result of these efforts. However, most executives concede that their personalization efforts are lagging and difficult to measure.

This report includes the findings of a survey of marketing decision makers from 200 global firms representing the consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, media, and retail industries — sectors that require unique closeness to customers.

Benchmarking Your Legal Marketing for Improving Performance

Today’s marketers have to navigate an evolving marketplace, new tools and strategies, and the changing behaviors of online users. But this makes it difficult to achieve consistent results when selling your legal services. Benchmarking helps your law firm measure its results over time alongside those of your competitors and other factors in your industry.