The 4 Most Important Aspects of Any Business Website

The 4 Most Important Aspects of Any Business Website

Did you know that 46% of people say their top criterion for assessing a company’s credibility is its website design? This is an impressive statistic that should impress upon you the importance of a professional, visually appealing website. When presenting your website to someone for the first time, you have one chance to make that first impression. Of course, many business owners fail to realize that the way your website looks is only half the challenge.
The best web designers will tell you that your business website doesn’t just have to look great, it also has to function great. If you’re new to the world of business web design, these are the four most important aspects of any business’s website design.

    1. Modern Aesthetics
      The way your landing pages look can be likened to how you dress for a job interview. If your website design is sloppy, ugly, or looks like it could use a total makeover, potential customers aren’t going to trust you. The challenge, of course, is to keep your website current with changing web design trends. Like fashion, the way we define modern web design changes year after year. If your website has gone more than three years without any changes, it probably looks outdated to most visitors.
    2. Ease of Use
      While your website may seem intuitive and easy to navigate to you, it might not appear that way to the average visitor. That’s why modern web designers prioritize user experience when designing the site. Navigation menus should be easy to find, important pages should be clearly labeled, and visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for with as few clicks as possible. In the early days of the web, a layered, complex structure was a sign of sophistication in the online world. Today, easier is always better.
    3. Mobile Friendly
      The way your website looks on a desktop is only part of the battle. If your mobile experience is not up to par, you will lose a significant amount of traffic. Today, about half of online traffic comes from mobile devices, which means your site must work equally well on all devices. Custom web development to make a site more mobile friendly is an essential investment for a company’s online success.
    4. Speed
      Finally, the speed of your site may be a dealbreaker for some. In fact, if your page takes three or more seconds to load, 40% of people will abandon it completely, never to return again. What this means is that your domain hosting service must be rock solid. In addition, you shouldn’t have any plugins or custom applications that are slowing down your loading time. Beyond that, try not to bloat your landing pages with unnecessary media that will slow the loading process. When evaluating a hosting service, check their total downtime percentage and their average loading speed. And if you didn’t understand this paragraph, work with a professional website design company that can make these decisions on your behalf.

The field of website design is highly competitive and intensely focused on innovation, which is why web design trends come and go so quickly. However, while visual trends and technology changes from year to year, these four aspects of successful web design have remained the same. So long as you work hard at the four main precepts outlined here, you will have a leg up on much of the competition.

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