The 3 Essential Qualities of an Effective Call to Action Button

When it comes to custom web development, any website designer will tell you that a successful landing page should have a primary call to action. This call to action defines the purpose of a web page and encourages online visitors to become clients. That’s why the most effective call to action involves an easy-to-find and easier-to-use button.
Below you will find a list of important qualities these digital contact buttons must have to achieve their intended purpose of converting visitors into customers.
Text is clear and concise
The words you put inside your button have to be specific in order to convey a true call to action. The text should leave no doubt in the internet user’s mind about what will happen when they click your button. There is actually a simple equation you can use to create the perfect button text: Verb + Value + Instant Gratification. Here are a few examples:

  • ”Sign Up For Free Today
  • ”Download Your Exclusive Copy Now
  • ”Get 50% Off Your Purchase at Checkout

Good design and placement
There are many web design options when it comes to your call to action button, and some are more effective than others. Here are a few design tips that custom web development services can help you with:

  • Use an eye-catching color to draw attention to the button.
  • Make the button bigger than the rest of you text. You may even want to make it bigger and bolder than your logo.
  • Position your call to action button towards the top of the page. In fact, many web design experts recommend placing it within the first few hundred pixels of the page.

Remove all doubt
Oftentimes, next to a call to action button you will see what marketers call “click triggers.” A click trigger is a message placed near the button that acts as a kind of catalyst to convince a visitor to click. It also alleviates certain doubts they may have about taking the leap. Examples of click triggers include:

  • ”Free Shipping”
  • ”Money Back Guarantee”
  • ”No Purchase Necessary”

In 2011, approximately $1.1 trillion in sales were web-influenced. In order to facilitate these sales to your own business, your website must have an effective call to action button on landing pages. For more advice and assistance in designing a strong website, consult a custom web development company like Your Design Online.

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